Functional medicine allows patients the opportunity to address these issues without drugs or surgery by looking at the complete picture of patients overall health. For example; most doctors when ordering a thyroid panel will only check the TSH (the basic thyroid marker) looking for hypothyroidism. With functional medicine all 12 thyroid markers are checked for any underlying issues with the thyroid before they become pathological. This allows the patient to see any issues that are starting in the thyroid and address them naturally.

Once blood work is completed Dr. Cruz analyzes the information, if any potential issues are present then Dr. Cruz uses a non-pharmaceutical approach to work with you for restoration of your health. These may include:

Better food choices

Lifestyle changes Nutritional supplements or Botanicals Customized recommendations for each patient based on their testing Follow up testing and reports to support patient

Our office is dedicated to natural health care solutions for our patients. Functional medicine fits right into that mold. Most insurance companies don’t cover the extensive blood work required with functional medicine. Our office fees are affordable and includes ample time to review it and ask questions. We are dedicated to empowering our patients to live a long healthy life, enjoying life to the


Neuropathy affects a significant percentage of the population over 55 and the results for pharmaceutical treatment are not impressive, just ask anybody you know who is getting standard medical treatment for their neuropathy.

Neuropathy is a complicated disease process which can be affected by your nervous system, blood supply and nutrition. So, we look at all these areas and attack the cause of your neuropathy, not just treating the symptoms, so you can get relief that lasts.

What makes us different

Our treatments:

Low Level Laser therapy: Clinically proven to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation in the treated areas.

Chiropractic: An appropriate examination to determine if you are getting proper nerve supply to the affected area, this may include x-rays and nerve scan. Gentle chiropractic alignment of the spine can improve the nerve supply to the area.

Nutrition: If the body does not get the building blocks it needs to heal thoroughly, your results will only be temporary.

Myopulse: Clinically shown to improve the health of the surrounding tissues of the treated areas using microcurrent technology.

Blood Work: We want to see if there are any underlying health issues which may keep you from healing. This may include blood sugar, anemia, chronic low-grade infection and chronic inflammation.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (828) 682-6157.