What Is Autoimmune Disease?

Have you been diagnosed with: arthritis, lupus, irritated bowel syndrome or allergies and you feel that your symptoms are only getting worse?  Typically these diagnosis have the same cause; inflammation. Although inflammation is a natural process that the immune system uses to get rid of bacteria and viruses sometimes the body gets stuck and is not able to move the inflammation out.

Autoimmune disease takes place when the body is overtaken with inflammation to the point where the immune system is confused and starts attacking organs, joints, brain, thyroid, your gut and sometimes the whole body. Your immune system is the only defense our bodies have against bacteria and viruses, without it working properly, inflammation can become systemic.

Functional medicine is the new paradigm of medicine, which looks not at symptoms but addresses what is causing the symptoms.  Often in addressing these issues, environmental, food allergen and heavy metal testing may need to be done. Sometimes it is as simple as something that you are exposed to on daily basis and removing it from your environment can help your body heal.

Here are some of the tests we recommend to help find the source of your autoimmune disease?

  • Comprehensive Blood Work to Check for Hidden Inflammation
  • Cyrex Array 4 Testing: Gluten-Associated Cross Reactive Foods and Food Sensitivity
  • Cyrex Array 5 Testing: Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen
  • Cyrex Array 11 Testing: Chemical Immune Reactivity Screen
  • Cyrex Array 3 Testing: Wheat/Gluten Reactivity & Autoimmunity
  • Heavy Metal Testing

Our office is dedicated to natural health care solutions; Dr. Cruz will analyze your blood work and will work with you to address the cause of the inflammation. Giving you healthy options of how you would like to proceed with your health.