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low back injury resolved quickly with laser therapy

Back pain after weight lifting injury relieved with laser therapy and chiropractic

Back pain after childbirth finally relieved

conditions we treat

Sinus problems relieved without medication using Laser therapy

Kathy, fabulous results with knee pain

Cecil, stress reduction without medication

Lajeana, frozen shoulder to full mobility

Jeanette, debilitation shoulder pain relief

Gera, no more knee pain

Marianne, relief from chronic neck pain

What you can expect

Conditions we see (this is not all inclusive)

Degenerative joint Disease

Continuing Chiropractic for the long term

X-Rays tell us what is happening with your bones, joints and alignment

Learn why X-rays are crucial for optimal care

Chiropractic is more than fixing back pain

Brain Health and Why Nutrition and Structural Alignment are so Important

Signs & Symptoms of Early Dementia

Are you getting all the nutrients your body needs?

Sleep and how your foods are effecting your sleep

Hip Pain & Laser Therapy

Functional Orthotics

Thyroid and adrenal gland interaction

Conditions treated with laser therapy

Understanding Disc Problems

Pain relief with laser therapy


Why Dr. Cruz Became a Chiropractor

Stress Relief – Tubing the Toe River during COVID

Elk River Falls pre Christmas hike

Sledding on Christmas day 2020

Polar Plunge, Christmas 2022

Self Help

Full Body Stretch in Only 3 Minutes

McKenzie Exercises for Low Back Pain

Triple Relief – Relief for Chronic Constipation

Hand Pain

Knee Pain Part 1

Knee Pain Part 2

Ice Packs

Driving Ergonomics

Hip Pain

Love Yourself

Stretching for recovering from shoulder injury and frozen shoulder

Clean Air in Your Home

Doing Planks for Core Strengthening

Research Updates

Dementia, Aspartame, Shoulder Surgery