What you can expect

Conditions we see (this is not all inclusive)

Degenerative joint Disease

Continuing Chiropractic for the long term

X-Rays tell us what is happening with your bones, joints and alignment

Learn why X-rays are crucial for optimal care

Chiropractic is more than fixing back pain

Brain Health and Why Nutrition and Structural Alignment are so Important

Signs & Symptoms of Early Dementia

Are you getting all the nutrients your body needs?

Sleep and how your foods are effecting your sleep

Hip Pain & Laser Therapy

Functional Orthotics

Thyroid and adrenal gland interaction

Conditions treated with laser therapy

Understanding Disc Problems

Pain relief with laser therapy


Why Dr. Cruz Became a Chiropractor

Stress Relief – Tubing the Toe River during COVID

Elk River Falls pre Christmas hike

Sledding on Christmas day 2020

Self Help

Full Body Stretch in Only 3 Minutes

McKenzie Exercises for Low Back Pain

Triple Relief – Relief for Chronic Constipation

Hand Pain

Knee Pain Part 1

Knee Pain Part 2

Ice Packs

Driving Ergonomics

Hip Pain

Love Yourself

Stretching for recovering from shoulder injury and frozen shoulder

Clean Air in Your Home

Doing Planks for Core Strengthening