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Degenerative joint Disease

Dr. Cruz explains what happens to our joints in Degenerative Joint Disease.

Continuing Chiropractic for the long term.

Are there benefits to continuing chiropractic long term? Dr. Cruz has the answer.

X-Rays tell us what is happening with your bones, joints and alignment.

See the different levels of degeneration in the spine. Do you have disc decay? Correcting spinal
alignment is possible.

Learn why X-rays are crucial for optimal care. In depth explanation of disc degeneration. Learn the
stages of disc decay.

Chiropractic is more than fixing back pain

Chiropractic can help you. What is subluxation? How does spinal misalignment effect your entire body?

Brain Health and Why Nutrition and Structural Alignment are so Important

Signs & symptoms of early dementia. Natural treatment for the early stages of dementia. Reversing
early dementia.

Signs and symptoms of brain impairment. How the foods you eat effect your brain performance. Test
your brain function.

Are you getting all the nutrients your body needs?

Do you need vitamins? Blood work can tell you what vitamins are right for you. Invest in quality


 Sleep and how your foods are effecting your sleep. Brain imbalances effect your sleep. In depth lesson
on how to keep your brain happy for better sleep.

Hip pain, find the real cause. Laser therapy relieves hip pain. Chiropractic relieves hip pain.

Functional orthotic benefits. Functional Orthotics can improve your overall health and energy. Are you
wearing the right orthotics for you?

Thyroid and adrenal gland interaction. Natural thyroid treatments. Why do I still have thyroid symptoms
when my lab tests are normal?

Why Dr. Cruz became a chiropractor

Dr. Cruz with Cruz Life Center a word about brain health.

Partial tear in knee ligament healed by laser therapy. Surgery alternatives on partial ligament tears.
Natural treatment for partial tear in ligaments.

Neck pain relieved naturally with laser therapy. Patient is now pain free thanks to laser therapy. Laser
therapy is an awesome tool to relieve neck pain.

What is Laser Therapy? Why is the Bioflex laser superior? Conditions treated with laser therapy.

How does laser therapy work? Laser Therapy heals. Why cold laser is superior.