Debra Jones, CCCA

My story: While waiting for surgery, my doctor decided to check my blood sugar.  It came back 330 after 14 hours of fasting (normal is 80-99).  The technician opened the curtain and said “Do you have diabetes?”  I said “No”.  He said “Now you do.” and closed the curtain.  I was devastated, since my mother had diabetes and several of my nephews did but it never crossed my mind that I would have diabetes.

Diabetes is the one disease that is taking America by storm.  We live a lifestyle that causes us to eat fast food, never take time to eat and don’t think about what is in the food we are eating.  Diabetes has the most debilitating affect on the body and every metabolic system is affected by it.  Understanding diabetes is half the battle.  The other half is commitment to your health.

There are 2 types of diabetes, type 1 is usually defined as juvenile diabetes and basically means that the pancreas is not able to produce insulin.  Type 1 diabetes requires insulin therapy.  Type 2 means that the pancreas is secreting insulin and the body is resisting it instead of using it properly.  Type 2 is completely manageable with diet, exercise and supplements.

Understanding how your body gets energy and breaks down the food we eat is important.  When you eat, your digestive system goes to work breaking down the food into nutrients for the body to use.  When glucose (sugar) is broken down, some is stored in the liver and the rest enters into the bloodstream.  Insulin is a hormone the body uses as a messenger to get the glucose to the cells, fueling them with energy.  With type 2 diabetes, due to diet and lack of exercise the cells remain full of glucose and the body does not have the ability to turn the glucose to energy.  This is known as insulin resistance.

Knowledge is power!  Do you know what your fasting blood sugar is?  Are you constantly eating on the run?  Do you know what is in the food you eat?  These questions are important in knowing how to manage type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Cruz and Lesia at Cruz Life Center are dedicated to providing you with a personalized program to meet your specific goals.  There are better choices that enable you to live life to the fullest not allowing this crippling disease to overtake your life.