Treating ADD & ADHD Naturally

North Carolina rates 15th in the nation for diagnosing our children with ADD/ADHD, although North Carolina stands 4th in the nation for treating ADD/ADHD with medications. Side effects for these medications are staggering and have long term effects.

I grew up with four brothers and they were constantly getting into trouble. On one occasion, my brother left a green snake in his pants when he put them in the laundry. My mother was extremely upset when finding the snake, although all my brother could do was laugh. There were lots of time that my mother would want pull her hair out dealing with “her boys”. She never said they have ADD or they have ADHD, she always referred to them as “just being boys”. She would change up their diet and no sugar was allowed. In a few days, they would calm down and not be so uncontrollable.

New research has shown direct correlation with children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD have underdeveloped portions of the frontal cortex in their brain. Boys under the age of 9 are at the highest risk. It is best to treat and rehabilitate this before adulthood, many children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD miss this window of time to have optimal development. Toxic medications only mask symptoms and hinder developments as well.

Iron deficiency has also been proven to lead to same symptoms linked to ADD and ADHD. Dopamine (chemical in the brain that aids in motivation) levels drop when there is deficiency of iron. Stabilizing blood sugar is also key, when blood sugar is out of control, the body loses its ability to repair and restore tissue.

There are natural solutions to helping you and your family deal with ADHD and ADD that doesn’t include toxic medications with tremendous side effects.

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