The Good & Bad News About Your Health Insurance

Good News: The Chiropractic Approach to Better Health Is Safe & Natural

No drugs. No surgery.

Instead, we will locate & adjust areas of your spine that interfere with the workings of your nervous system. As your nervous system is able to control your body correctly, health can return.

True health is how well your body works, not how you feel.

Bad News: It will be tempting to stop your care when you feel better.

This will predispose you to a relapse because supporting muscles and ligaments won’t be fully healed. That happens gradually, with continued care, after symptoms go away.

But your policy won’t cover the necessary care.

What will you do?

Good News: With your spine more stable, we can usually reduce the frequency of your visits.

About the time your benefits are used up, fewer visits will be needed. this can make the investment to strengthen your spine economical. That’s great, since you’ll be responsible for the remaining cost of your care.

Bad News: Your carrier designed your policy for catastrophic health problems.

The ideas of paying for chiropractic care when you’re feeling better is a new idea to them. Maybe it is to you, too.

So, if you use your limited coverage as a guide for how much care you receive, we understand. But remember, your problem is likely to come back.

When it does we invite you to return. Your records will already be here, along with our genuine concern for you and your health.

Really Good News:

We base our recommendations on a deep desire to see you get well and stay well. This may be at odds with the limitations of your policy. Or the popular, but incorrect notion that health care is merely about reducing symptoms.

Regardless of your coverage, we’ll suggest the Chiropractic care you need. It’s up to you to decide how much of it you want.

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