Fast Natural Relief for Sinus Problems

We know what it’s like to live with sinus problems. You can’t breathe at times, headaches, constant drainage and clearing your throat, tired of taking medication with short term relief and feeling bad, and of course lousy sleep

If this sounds like you… We Can Help

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At Cruz Life Center, with our unique approach, we have helped hundreds of acute and chronic sinus sufferers find relief since 1982.

Dr. Miguel Cruz

Graduated Cum Laud, Doctor of Chiropractic, Life university 1981
Family Practice Doctor of the Year award 1993
Past Vice President NC Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Certified Addictionologist, Cad
Past President NC Chiropractic association, Western District

Lesia Cruz

Certified Integrative Nutritional Counselor
Certified Addictionologist, Cad
Certified Laser therapy Trainer
Certified X-ray Technologist


Asthma & Laser Therapy
I was diagnosed with asthma 10 years ago at the age of 2. I was sick a lot with a non-stop cough and nasal drainage and not able to go outside when it was cold weather. We had tried everything and every doctor from Asheville to Wake Forest and Chapel Hill. My mom’s friend (Sandy Phillips) recommended that we try laser treatments for my asthma. I am so happy with my results and I am doing so much better, I’m able to go outside and not get sick. Since beginning laser therapy I have not taken any of my allergy medicines, no breathing treatments, and no steroid shots. I would recommend laser therapy to everyone it has helped me a lot.
– Colton Cox
Winner@ NC State Fair

Bronchitis and Sinus Trouble
I came to Cruz ChiropracticLife Center to get some relief from bronchitis, a sore throat, and sinitus. I could not do my normal day-to-day tasks and certainly couldn’t sing with a normal voice. Before I came here, I took antibiotics and a lot of vitamin C. The laser therapy made a difference in my recovery. I recovered sooner and I could tell a huge improvement after the first visit.
– Barbara Brummitt

When I first came to Cruz Life Center, the primary concern I had was the sinus pressure over the right side. During the initial consult, Dr. Cruz & Lesia discovered that my neck was crooked, and one hip was higher than the other. Later TMJ problems were also diagnosed. After about 15 treatments with the laser and chiropractic adjustments, I am walking and standing straighter, breathing easier, and chewing normally.

– Lisa Henline, Spruce Pine NC

Note from Dr. Cruz: Lisa had chronic low back pain and TMJ pains that she just thought she would have to live with the rest of her life. After a few weeks she was bending over and touching her toes “for the first time in years”

Laser therapy has been great for my sinuses and shoulder. My pain has went from a 10, down to a 3, Amazing, I recommend it to anyone suffering with pain.
– Jerri Hughes, Burnsville NC