Shoulder injuries are becoming more frequent, there are a variety of causes and reasons for the injuries as there are for treatment choices.

Unfortunately surgery is what many people choose, not realizing the permanent scar tissue that surgery brings.

The shoulder is a moving joint, as are all joints in the body. When scar tissue forms in a moving joint it inhibits the ability for that joint to work properly. The resulting lack of movement causes more problems in the long term.

What is a healthy, holistic option to heal my shoulder pain?

Laser therapy is safe, painless, non-invasive, effective therapy to reduce pain and swelling to allow the body to restore damaged tissue.

Laser therapy uses red and infrared light for the relief of pain, to accelerate the healing and decrease inflammation.

The laser pad with it’s light source is placed against the skin near the area of injury in the shoulder joint. The photons penetrate several centimeters and get absorbed by the mitochondria, the energy producing part of the cell. This energy fuels many positive physiological responses resulting in the restoration of normal cell function.

Long Term/Cumulative Effects of Laser Therapy:

  • More blood flow to the damaged area
  • Faster healing of damaged tissue
  • Increase in cellular energy
  • Improved immune system response allowing the body more resistance to infection
  • Reduction in scar tissue

Time and time again our patients have had success with treating shoulder injuries and are able to avoid un-necessary surgeries and painful physical therapy.  Laser therapy offers our bodies the opportunity to heal with no side effects and no long term damage.

“My medical doctor told me that I needed shoulder surgery and would not be able to play football anymore this year.  This being my senior year, this was not easy news to take.  My MRI showed that I had a strain in my shoulder.  One of my mom’s friends recommended that we try laser therapy.  After nine treatments I was completely healed and back out on the football field.  I would recommend laser treatment for everyone that has a shoulder injury, not only did it heal my shoulder but it has enabled me to have a memorable senior year.”                                        …

Cory Blevins, Spruce Pine, NC