What Is Addiction, Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS)?

This is a problem with brain chemistry when the feel good hormones are not produced. These hormones are dopamine, serotonin and GABA. Without the right levels of each of these hormones flowing in the right order at the right time, we feel depressed, sad and anxious. We can’t concentrate. We can’t find joy in regular daily activities. We may even have physical and emotional pain.


Can Genetic Factors Associated With Addiction Be Overcome?

Yes. However, the brain reward system is unconsciously searching for something to satisfy its needs, and an individual will look for ways to fulfill those needs.


Prevention for Parents:

How can you prevent your child from becoming an addict of opiates? Take responsibility! Educate yourself and your children. Prevention is the best method – however, if drug use is suspected, proper drug testing should be administered every two days for one week or more. If your child should test positive for opiates or other drugs seek help immediately before abuse becomes addiction. A simple urine test will work.

We also have free CDs available on the disease model of addiction. You can simply send a request and we will mail it to you, or stop by our office and ask for a copy.