Rejuvenating Facials For A Healthy Glow

Aging:  not a word we or anyone wants to hear, but it’s happening.

Right now.

Is there a better way? Can we age in a healthy, beautiful and graceful way? Can we look vibrant and keep a youthful twinkle in and around our eyes?

La Fleur Facial Rejuvenation is a combination of Nature and Technology for a beauty treatment from the inside out – for a complete new you.

The La Fleur micro-current goes deep into the cellular structure of our skin and nerves and communicates with our entire body.

The visible benefits are:

  • tones, lifts and shapes muscles for firmer skin
  • reduction of lines, wrinkles and broken capillaries
  • minimize age spots
  • improve sun damage
  • fade scarring
  • controls acne and rosacea
  • relaxation and stress reduction
  • pre and post operative to minimize bruising and swelling

How is this facial different?

The La Fleur micro-current delivers an individually measured dose of the precise energy your cells can accept for optimum results. The anatomically shaped electrodes used in the treatments feel like a soothing, deep tissue massage to achieve results visible with the first treatment.

The La Fleur individualized, balanced computer controlled micro-current combined with the natural skin care line of products selected for your individual needs, provides a healthy beauty treatment that not only pampers you but gives noticeable whole body health benefits found here at the Cruz Life Center.

While you are pampered during a La Fleur facial not only is your skin cleansed, detoxified, nourished and renewed, your whole body is addressed. Our face contains reflex areas for all organ systems and the gentle stimulation to the regions of the face produce a whole body effect.

This leads to beautiful skin that truly comes from the inside.

Inner health shines on our faces as beautiful skin, a youthful, vibrant look and the energy to enjoy our life.

Taking care of ourselves is important, we feel up beat and energetic.

An added benefit is complete body rejuvenation and detoxification thru the reflex areas in our face that communicate with our nervous system to integrate all organ functions and our energy system into a state of balanced, harmonious wellbeing in body, mind and spirit.

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