RED ALERT: FDA Set to Ban Your Supplements

  • The FDA’s new Draft Guidance on New Dietary Ingredients threatens to remove some of your most commonly used supplements from the market.
  • Manufacturers of supplements will be forced to conduct expensive safety studies using absurdly high doses, which will force many out of business—effectively eliminating competition to high-priced pharmaceuticals.
  • The FDA guidelines have modeled the outrageous safety thresholds after those in place for food additives, which is in direct violation of DSHEA, which classifies dietary supplements as foods, not food additives, in order to protect consumer access to dietary supplements.
  • Defend your right to continue using supplements by taking action now!
  • 1) Use the link to download and print the appeal to send to Congress.

     2) Sign the document and add your address.

    3) Please mail the completed document to the given address.

  • FDA letter to congress
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