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Adrenal Support    $30.00  Keeping Cortisol levels balanced, helps you deal with stress: Great for thyroid Health
Allerplex $35.95 Helps eliminate seasonal allergies
Ball  $32.00  Stretch & strengthen body & helps with lymph system (different sizes available)
Cod Liver Oil Gels $43.00 Supports Cardiovascular health,improved blood viscosity, joint mobility,memory & positive mood
Chocolate Syrup $15.00 Raw dark chocolate full of antioxidants
Coconut Milk $10.00 Dairy-free, delicious, & economical
Calcium Magnesium $14.00 High Quality Calcium Magnesium Product
Cryoderm 4oz spray or roll on $15.00 Relieves pain & muscle stiffness
Cyoderm 16oz $49.00 Relieves pain & muscle stiffness
DLPA $19.97 Aids in brain health & balance
Echinacea  $24.00 Improves immune function
Ear wax system $29.95 Removes ear wax build up
Formula 303 $8.77 Relax tight muscles and promote restful sleep
Fountain of Minerals $28.00 70 Orgainic trace minerals from plants: Great for brain function
Greens $39.00 Provides energy, boosts immune system: All Organic, tastes great! Helps balance Ph
Hormones (prolief,phyto) $39.00 Natural Horomones- Helps to Balance Female Horomones
Joint Formula $28.00 Helps Support Healthy Joints, Ligaments, and Connective Tissue
L-Carnitine $57.00 Helps to Burn Stored Fat – Restores Energy Level after Exercise
Livatrex  $29.95 Liver and gallbladder cleanser 
Liver Health $24.00 Detox  liver  – Everyone on medications should take
Low Back Posture Pump $159.00 Helps to restore the natural curve in the lower back and hydrates and heals the disc
Magnesium $22.00 Reduce High Blood Pressure, Reduces Anxiety & Balance Water Balance
Muscle EZ $10.50 Relax tired, sore muscles
Nasaline Sinus System $20.00 Wash pollutants & mucus out of sinus: Relieves ear, nose pressure
Nasaline Jr.  $18.00 Sinus rinse in a smaller size, more comfortable for children
Neck Posture Pump $159.00 Restore curve in your neck and hydrates and heals the disc 
Nordic Berries $26.00 Quality, tasty gummy chewable multivitamin for adults and children
Nordic Omega-3 Gummies $26.00 Tangerine tasty way to take fish oil 
NutraSilver $32.00 Use instead of antibiotics: Kills Pathogens (Bacterial, Viral, ) Improves Arthritis,Colds,Flu,Strap, Staph
Olbas(oil) $9.00 Helps open up sinus & relieve chest congestion
Olbas (cough syrup) $8.95 Calms coughs
Olbas – Bath $7.95 Relax sore, tight muscles
Olive Leaf $24.00 Improves immune function
Organically Bound  Minerals $12.00 Contains minerals needed for optimum function
Phosphatidyl Serine  $37.77 Increases memory and improves sleep (helps your mind wind down and rest)
Pillow Cervical(water base) $49.00 Custom Pillow
Pro DHA $26.97 Great for Mood, Memory & Learning
Pro EFA $25 With Borage Oil to balance hormones & help with weight loss: EPA & DHA for heart & brain 
Pro EPA $26.97 Cardiovascular Health
Pro Omega 60 ct $30 Flush Fat and balance hormones; Strongest in Evening Primrose & GLA
Pro Omega (120, or liquid) $48.97 Great Overall Omega 3: Contains High Amounts of both EPA &  DHA( Heart Health & Mood)
Protein Powder (V & C) $39.00 Help build new muscle tissue & speed metabolism up by up to 25%
REM Caps $23.00 Improves quality & length of sleep: helps relieve tension & anxiety 
Psyllium husk $11.00 Cleanse colon – Fiber
Rescue Remedy Spray $10.99 Natural way to manage everyday stress
St.John Wort $29.00 Improves  Mood
Salt (jar) $7.00 Use with naseline
Stevia  $15.00 Natural Sweetener
Symfre tea $7.98 Boost immune system
Takara foot patch(large) $79.95 Detoxify Body at Night
Tea Yerba Mate $13.00 Boost immune system & flush toxins and mucus
Thyroid Support $25.00 Improves metabolism
Ultra Nutrient $34.00 MultiVitamin
Vitamin C Natural $13.50 Increase energy and fight colds with vitamin C
Vitalzyme(one week) $14.00 Strongest anti- inflammatory, proven to reduce cholesterol & breaks down scar tissue
Vitalyzym (large) $157.00 Strongest anti-inflammatory, proven to reduce cholesterol & breaks down scar tissue
Vitamin D $19.00 Immune system booster & Natural Sunshine for SAD ( Depression)
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