Product Descriptions


chocolate syrupRaw, Organic Chocolate Syrup

Made with only two ingredients, raw cacao powder and agave syrup.  Raw cacao  powder comes from the bean that would eventually become chocolate. Unlike chocolate, however, these  beans are never heated and they still retain most of their natural antioxidants.  Agave syrup   is a delicious natural sweetener, milder than honey, made from the blue agave plant, a cactus that grows in the desert.


Stevia Natural Sweetenerstevia 1

  • All natural
  • No calories
  • No carbohydrates
  • No bitter aftertaste
  • Endless uses
  • Convenient and Economical to use
  • No chemicals, alcohol, or glycerin
  • Safe for diabetics
  • Regulates Blood Sugar
  • 720 Drops per bottle

Flavors: Grape, Berry, Lemon Drop, Orange, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Vanilla

Thyroid Support Liquid Phyto-Caps thyroid suppor

  • Naturally Regulates Thyroid
  • Ultimate Support for Metabolic Enhancement
  • Supports the Immune and Endocrine System
  • Rich in Trace Mineral
  • Alcohol Free

Nasaline for Sinus Conditions

  • nasaline 2Nasal irrigation system designed by a team of Swedish ear, nose, and throat specialists
  • Effectively washes away unwanted mucous, crusty secretions or allergens and provides relief from symptoms associated with allergies, colds, or the flu
  • Helps decongest and drain blocked nasal passages
  • Provides relief from symptoms associated with allergies, common colds, sinus infections and the flu
  • Reduces nasal irritation and moistens the mucous

Psyllium Husks Powderpsyllium

  • Cleanse colon and add fiber to your diet
  • Strongest natural dietary fiber for promoting regularity
  • Supports heart health
  • For continued, everyday use
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Keep a proper balance of HDL and LDL cholesterol quickly out of the body, so toxins are not reabsorbed from the colon back into the bloodstream. Gluten-Free: psyllium husks do not contain any gluten so people who are gluten sensitive can use them. Yerba Prima uses only premium quality psyllium husks, without added sweeteners, colors or additives.


Chiropractor’s Blend Whey Protein Powder

The Next Generation Protein: We have taken protein supplementing to the next level, without the worry of wasting ingested protein. The addition of NitroZyme™ helps breakdown long and short chain amino acids into smaller, more readily absorbable amino acids for maximum absorption.** NitroZyme™ helps the body release more amino acids directly into the muscles to increase muscle size, strength and lean body mass.

  • NO Aspartame or Acesulfame K
  • Highest Biological Value Protein
  • ZERO Added Sugars
  • Added L-Glutamine:
  • 1000mg of L-Glutamine (in addition to naturally occurring L-Glutamic acid) per serving to assist athletes in increasing their recovery time following exercise
  • Supports Immune Health: Specific characteristics of whey proteins have shown an ability to support immune health
  • Whey protein contains high amounts of cysteine and other substrates used in the synthesis of Glutathione. Glutathione is a major antioxidant and supports immune health
  • Best tasting Whey Protein on the market!

Olbas Cough Syrup

olbas cough syrupOlbas Cough Syrup is an original Dr. Ehninger’s Swiss Formula. Children and adults love the natural herbal-honey taste, and you’ll especially love the soothing natural benefits. The masterful blend of herbal extracts plus pure Wildflower honey strengthens healthy lung function, supports the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and promotes clear, healthy bronchial passages.

  • Drug-Free Alternative to Regular Cough Syrup

olbas oil

Olbas Oil

Olbas Oil is a synergistic blend of six essential oils. It’s been a European household favorite for almost 100 years, and continues to be a valuable aid for many. As an aromatic inhalant, the penetrating vapors stimulate and enhance breathing passages. Its clean fresh aroma invigorates the senses! Applied to the body, Olbas Oil stimulates circulation at the surface of the skin. It opens up the pores and provides a comfortable feeling in the muscles and joints.


catalynCatalyn is a multiple vitamin, mineral, and trace mineral concentrate formulated by Dr. Royal Lee in 1929. Catalyn is the antithesis of the “mega-dose” approach to nutritional supplementation. Dr. Lee summoned the whole of his considerable nutritional experience and know-how to provide a nutritional catalyst, a supplement using whole food ingredients which he named Catalyn. Dr. Lee’s goal was to provide a food-based package of nutrients in the most potent and bioavailable form–its natural state

Supplement Facts   Serving Size:  3 Tablets
Calories 4
Vitamin A 1,200 IU 25%
Vitamin C 4 mg 6%
Vitamin D 312 IU 80%
Thiamine 0.2 mg 15%
Riboflavin 0.2 mg 15%
Vitamin B6 1 mg 50%

Pure Encapsulations Magnesium magnesium(Powder & Capsules)

Magnesium is an essential mineral for

  • Calcium and potassium assimilation
  • Nerve and muscle impulses
  • Enzyme reactions
  • Heart muscle health
  • Heart rhythm
  • Converting blood sugar into energy
  • Assisting proper calcium, vitamin C, and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Formation of bone

Beneficial for

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Nervousness
  • Heart disease
  • PMS

symfreSymfre Herbal Tea

Drink two cups of Symfre Winter Care Formula Herbal Tea as soon as you notice a scratchy throat or sinus congestion.To help ward off the onset of symptoms, drink Symfre immediately after exposure, or daily in a mild strength to bolster you immune system. Symfre contains many naturally occurring phytopharmaceuticals, some of which help ease breathing and deepen relaxation and sleep.

yerbe mate teaChai Spice Yerba Mate Royale

Chai Spice YerbaMate Royale (Yerba Mate Royale) combines the health benefits of South America’s “Beverage of the Gods” – known as YerbaMate – and the spicy flavor and aroma of traditional East Indian chai spices. This certified organic herb tea boosts your energy and calms your nerves at the same time. It is filled with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals including carotene, A, C, E, and B complex; magnesium, calcium, iron and chlorophyll, to name a few. Athletes drink it to improve physical endurance and performance; students and executives drink it to improve concentration and alertness; families drink it to improve their overall health and to protect against stress. Chai Spice YerbaMate Royale is an excellent appetite suppressant when consumed 15-20 minutes before meals and acts as a gentle diuretic and colon cleanse. Chai Spice Wisdom may be enjoyed throughout the day on a daily basis.

New Professional Strength VitalzymXeVitalzymXE

VitalzymX has been reformulated as new VitalzymXe for professional use. It is nearly identical to new Vitalzym, but it is TWICE as strong.

  • Blister pak for stability and travel ease
  • 100% non-GMO
  • Vegetarian

VitälzymXe is recommended by healthcare professionals worldwide. The unique blend of vegetarian enzymes, flavonoids and antioxidants has been formulated for 100% absorption in the small intestine.

Serrapeptase, a key ingredient in VitälzymXe, was originally discovered in Japan and is commercially produced there for health applications. It has been used as a substitute for animal-derived enzymes (such as chymotrypsin) because of its stronger effect of decomposing bradykinin. Bradykinin is a protein found in the body that causes an inflammatory response.

For all conditions or illnesses, see a healthcare professional for a full evaluation, diagnosis or treatment plan.

Reported Action of Vitalzym and VitalzymX
Cleaning the colon of debris Softer stools, more frequent bowel movements Better digestion and absorption of nutrients
Cleaning the blood Platelets less sticky, improves condition of WBCs*, removes fibrin Vascular system equilibrium, improved immune function, unclogged circulation
Cleanses the liver Clears toxins, waste and old or dead cells.  Possible headache, flu-like symptoms. Improved liver function, revitalizes the body’s natural detox and healing capacities
Removes excess fibrin from kidneys and other organs, muscles, and tissues Fibrin appears in urine as foamy white fibers, fibrin elimination Improved kidney function, less pain, decreased fibromyalgia symptoms, reduced inflammation and scar tissue
Natural anti-inflammatory** Reduces inflammation, inhibits pain-inducing amines Less pain at injury site, increases healing capabilities
Immune modulation Enzymes attack antibodies Less autoimmune disease, improved immune function
Candida die-off Kills candida yeast, brain fog and fatigue, abdominal bloating Improved general and female health
Virus Fighting

lrg_vdlVitamin D (Liquid or Capsules)

  • Promotes intestinal calcium and phosphorous absorption
  • Reduces urinary calcium loss
  • Essential mechanisms for maintaining proper calcium levels in the body
  • Supports healthy bone composition
  • Supports cardiovascular function
  • Supports healthy immune cell activation

Milk Thistle Extract for Liver Supportsilymarin

Silymarin is a milk thistle extract that nutritionally supports liver function. This highly active botanical protects the liver from free radical damage, supports glutathione concentrations and promotes superoxide dismutase activity. Milk thistle extract also stimulates protein synthesis in hepatic cells.




Calcium +

Strontium is one of many trace minerals essential for bone health. It is a divalent cation and is transported through the body using many of the same transport molecules and receptors as calcium. Recent research has highlighted strontium’s potential to support bone strength and health.

Cal Plus w/ Ipriflavones by Pure Encapsulations combines the nutritional elements necessary to strengthen the skeletal system and resist the onset of osteoporosis.


Total Amino Solution

Total Amino Solution™ is a high quality dietary supplement designed for your body’s total wellness support. This revolutionary product helps people with:total amino

  • Hypoglycemia / Moodiness
  • Low Serotonin Conditions Stress, Anxiety, Panic, Insomnia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Eating Disorders Recovery
  • Low Endorphin Conditions, Chronic Physical / Emotional
  • Pain, Recovery from all Addictions
  • Recovery from Surgery or Soft Tissue Injury -Sports
  • Enthusiasts/Body Builders
  • Low Protein Consumption – Vegans, Vegetarians, Children or others who will not
    eat protein

gabaGABA is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, playing a central role in regulating cell-to-cell communication. Healthy levels have been associated with positive mood. A recent study indicates that GABA also enhances alpha wave production in the brain to promote relaxation and moderate occasional stress. In the same study, it supported healthy IgA levels, suggesting that it may support immune health during occasional stress.
GABA promotes positive mood, supports relaxation and moderates occasional stress.

Lidtke L-Tryptophan

Supports healthy sleep and mood. L-Tryptophan is a natural building block of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that plays an important role in appetite, mood, normal sleep patternl-tryptophans and nervous system health. Lidtke L-Tryptophan is tested for heavy metals, solvents and microbiological contaminants and surpasses USP pharmaceutical standards. Lidtke L-Tryptophan is kosher and vegetarian.

  • Promotes Relaxation, Positive Mood & Restful Sleep
  • Sleep Well, Stay Calm
  • For Healthy Serotonin Levels


L-tyrosine is a nonessential amino acid (protein building block) that the body synthesizes from phenylalanine, another amino acid. Tyrosine is important to the structure of almost all proteins in the body. It is also the precursor of several neurotransmitters, including L-dopa, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine.

dl-Phenylalanine is a combination of the well-tolerated essential amino acids, d- phenylalanine and l-phenylalanine. Together, these compounds promote mental functioning, support a positive outlook, and relax the musculoskeletal system. l- Phenylalanine is a precursor to tyrosine, which converts to the neurotransmitters norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine and tyramine. Tyrosine and its metabolites may support emotional well-being, memory and learning. d-Phenylalanine may promote the levels of certain endorphins, thereby calming stressed muscles and joints.
By maintaining healthy tyrosine and endorphin levels, dl-phenylalanine nutritionally supports mental acuity and emotional well-being, while relaxing stressed muscles and joints.


Cruciferous Complete cruciferous

Cruciferous Complete supports cellular health.

  • Supports healthy liver function
  • Our research shows some compounds in kale and Brussels sprouts promote phase I and II detoxification processes in cell culture
  • A source of vitamin K which supports calcium absorption, blood clotting, and healthy liver function
  • Contains trace amounts of lutein which in higher amounts appears to support healthy eye function
  • Provides antioxidants†



Astaxanthin provides superior antioxidant power, boosting the natural antioxidant defenses of the skin, supporting macular health, promoting healthy immune and cellular function, enhancing joint comfort, providing potential support for the digestive environment, and demonstrating lipid and cardiovascular health properties. BioAstin astaxanthin is formulated in a base of safflower oil to enhance bioavailability, is derived from algae developed under well-controlled conditions, and has been and will continue to be clinically studied. Vitamin E and rosemary are added to enhance stability.

Taurine taurine 2

Taurine is the most abundant free amino acid in the brain, heart, and nervous system, and it plays a role in the healthy functioning of the brain, heart, gallbladder, eyes, and vascular system. It facilitates the passage of sodium, potassium, and, possibly, calcium and magnesium ions into and out of cells, and electrically stabilizes cell membranes. It maintains healthy cAMP activity, which activates important enzymes in the heart muscle, and contributes to the muscle’s contractibility. Taurine is an important component of bile acids which aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. It aids the body’s chemistry by detoxifying harmful chemicals.


Perfect 7 is a 100% natural premium blend that is uniquely different in that it contains both the Psyllium seed and husk along with other key ingredients which works synergistically to promote healthy digestion and elimination. It helps to remove toxins and mucous from the colon and digestive system and promotes enhanced nutrient absorption, rejuvenation of the digestive system, and overall good health.


• Supports digestion

• Promotes energy

• Creates less bloating

• Purifies and cleanses the colon and intestinal tract

• Helps the body work more efficiently

• May help support cholesterol already within normal levels

• Supports healthy weight management

celtic sea saltCeltic Sea Salt is a coarse, moist salt that gets a light grey hue from the pure clay soil it is harvested from. There is no comparison, in taste or in health effects, between mineral-rich Celtic Sea Salts® Brand and chemically-treated iodized salts. Celtic Sea Salt has a rustic old-world flavor that is more assertive than other salts. Try using it in cooking, for soups and stews, grilling, or grind it with a mortar and pestle or salt grinder.

Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa, Red Inca quinoa

Cooks in 15 minutes. USDA Organic. Wheat free, gluten free. Heirloom variety. Quinoa contains more high quality protein than any other grain. The National Academy of Sciences calls it one of the best sources of protein in the vegetable kingdom. Quinoa stands alone as a complete protein grain. It provides all the essential amino acids in a balanced pattern, close to the ideal set by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Quinoa contains no gluten. This makes quinoa the perfect food for people who follow a wheat free/gluten free diet. Quinoa is light, tasty and easy to digest. This delicate grain is much less filling than most other grains and pasta, and has a delicious nutty flavor all its own. Quinoa is quick and easy to prepare. Perfect for today’s active lifestyle, quinoa can be served as a side dish; in soups; in salads; as a pilaf; even as a nutritious breakfast cereal

cryodermCryoDerm pain relieving roll-on is the one used across the USA by chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists and sports teams to help relieve muscle and joint pain. It goes on cool and then almost creates a “mask” helping to block the pain. CryoDerm is great to apply on painful areas before bed to help you sleep. The roll-on makes it easy to apply. If you have a tension headache or migraine, apply Cryoderm on your neck to help alleviate the pain. CryoDerm has become the favorite topical analgesic amongst arthritis back pain sufferers because it works fast and provides soothing relief. Whether you suffer from muscle sprains & strains, bursitis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, back aches or other joint pain, you should try CryoDerm pain relieving spray or roll-on.

MetaGlycemX metglycmx
Advanced formula that includes a unique combination of green tea, cinnamon, alpha-lipoic acid, and a broad foundation of nutrients as part of a healthy diet to promote healthy blood sugar levels already in the normal range. Provides a comprehensive foundation for good health by featuring optimal levels of essential vitamins and minerals for those with blood sugar concerns. Features green tea catechins (EGCG) to protect the insulin-secreting pancreatic islet cells. Supplies cinnamon compounds that may support insulin activity. Provides alpha-lipoic acid, a free radical scavenger that may also enhance insulin sensitivity. Delivers a sophisticated blend of targeted micronutrients to support healthy glucose metabolism. Provides a unique antioxidant profile to reduce oxidative stress and promote healthy insulin action.

formula 303

Formula 303
  • All-Natural Muscle Relaxant. Completely Safe and Completely Effective
  • Effective for those with difficulty sleeping, snoring, restlessness
  • Natural Tension and Stress Relief, Relaxation
  • As Seen in Chiropractor’s Office for: Stress, Tension, Anxiety, Muscle Spasm
  • Made in USA

Chiropractor’s Blend Natural Greens

CBGreensNatural Greens TSF ™ is a concentrated potent source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, fiber and the essential amino acids, which reputedly add alkalinity to our system, balance us, increase our energy, improve stamina, sharpen mental activity, and deodorize and cleanse the cells and colon. Barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella and non-dairy probiotic cultures are all packed with nutrients that strengthen our immune system and neutralize toxins.

An Essential Amino Acid Promotes Nervous System Support
  • Supports Positive Mood
  • EndorphiGen is designed to help support a normal resistance to common aches and pains, a better mood, and normal levels of cravings (for foods, etc)


Shaker Bottle & Protein Samples

  • Convenient – just mix & go
  • Perfect for busy days
  • Included: 2 samples of our delicious Chiropractor’s Blend Dutch Chocolate Protein Powder & French Vanilla Protein Powder

idoral High Potency Iodine/ Potassium Iodide

  • Essential for Thyroid Health
  • Necessary for Cell Function
  • Prevents Cancer

Although its main function is in the production of thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland, other organs in the body have a need for iodine in order to function normally


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