Dr. Miguel A. Cruz,

My Story

I grew up in Key West, Florida. While in high school I developed an interest in health that eventually led to my enrolling in a pre-med program in college. All through high school and undergraduate college I suffered with a chronic post nasal drip, sinus congestion and was constantly having to clear my throat. Trips to my family doctor and his recommendations did not help, over the counter medications were temporary at best. I finally went to the best eye, ear, nose and throat specialist in town. After a two hour wait to see him I was in and out with a handful of pills which I had already tried before.

I left his office very upset and discouraged with medicine. I was not going to go through the hardships of med school to do to others what had just happened to me. It was shortly after that I experienced what some would say is a “coincidence” but I call it my “God Moment”. I met a chiropractor for the first time, I had no idea what they did or that they were even doctors. He explained how our bodies are meant to be healthy and if we remove any interference to that process we would naturally move towards health. Well that made sense to me and it was through chiropractic and dietary changes that I eliminated my sinus problems. Needless to say, I changed course and went to chiropractic school, and I am so glad I did.

Why Burnsville

This question comes up often, I decided early on that I wanted to move to an area where “quality of Life” was a principal issue. A small mountain community with plenty of hiking and fishing was exactly that. I also knew that it would be a wonderful place to raise a family. So, upon graduating from chiropractic school in 1981 I did exactly that and picked Burnsville. Of course, a restaurant in what is now the Garden Deli had the best potato soup I ever had, that sealed the deal.

Health is a Lifestyle

I consider health and chiropractic as part of my lifestyle as well as my career. I am constantly striving to learn and grow while staying on the forefront of new technology. Studying with some of the leading experts in their fields has given me a desire to keep improving. People like Dr.’s Alex and Doug Cox of the famed Gonstead Clinic, Dr. Janet Travel the developer of myofascial treatments, Robin McKenzie the developer of the McKenzie Technique being used worldwide for the treatment of back and neck pain and Dr. Eric Plasker the author of “The 100 Year Lifestyle”.

My certificates include Gonstead Clinical Studies Society Diplomate, Chiropractic Pediatrics, International Academy of Chiropractic Occupational Health Consultants, Motion Palpation Institute, Mastering Blood and Brain Chemistry, Mastering Thyroid Chemistry and many more hours of additional workshop seminars to keep up to date. My wife and I are also graduates of the American College of Addictive and Compulsive Disorders with certificates in Addictionology, C.ad.

Practice Philosophy

Being in practice for over 35 years has given me the opportunity to learn and try many things. My first rule is not to bring any treatments or therapies for my patients that I am not willing to use on myself or my family. So, rest assured that anything we recommend we do so because we have seen it work. Especially in our own health care. I have personally gone through torn ligaments in my knee, a ruptured disc in my neck, shingles and dislocated shoulder. All have healed without the use of prescription drugs or surgery with no current limitations on my activities using the services we offer.

We offer our patients solutions and options. You are free to choose as much or as little of the services we offer according to our recommendations. We believe we are working for you, our patients, not an insurance company or other entity.

My Own Health Challenges

In 2013, I did a full lab work up on myself and discovered I had insulin resistance, meaning if I did not make some changes I would soon be an insulin dependent diabetic. This was also affecting my brain as I was not as sharp as I liked to be, forgetting things and walking into a room wondering what I was there for. This opened a whole new world in “functional medicine” which I was already studying, but I had a motivated patient, myself. I am happy to report that my blood sugar is under control and my brain is back to what I call normal. I did it all with the same services I recommend for our patients. I also use chiropractic, laser and massage as part of my health maintenance.

Our Bodies are Capable of Healing

We believe that our bodies have a God given ability to heal itself if you eliminate any interference to that healing. Interference may be physical such as in the spine affecting our nervous system (we call that subluxation). That was part of my sinus condition. Interference may be chemical caused by the foods we eat (allergies and sensitivities), medications or even the environment (toxins). And they can be mental as in stresses.

We also believe that any healing should come from modalities that do not cause further damage. However we respect the fact that medications have their place and are needed at times.

We have a multi-faceted approach to treatments. If someone needs immediate pain relief or need something to “speed up” the healing, then Low Level Laser is the answer. If the spine, joints or nervous system is the problem, then chiropractic will be needed. Health coaching is necessary when someone needs to address their eating and lifestyle. And we have the Electro Acuscope which can actually help to “re program” the brain as well as address other painful conditions. We also do blood work and use it to make better recommendations towards nutritional needs.

Within Chiropractic I have specialty training in instrument adjusting (no popping and cracking), specific upper cervical and cranial adjusting.


Dr. Cruz also is very active in his community, having served on the board and as Chair of the Mitchell-Yancey Mountain Friends Program, Healthy Yancey, Centro De Enlace in Yancey and Centro Latino in Mitchell County. He was recognized as the Family Practice Chiropractor of the Year in 2007 and has served on the board of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association and on the North Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Dr. & Mrs. Cruz have together coached youth league baseball and softball and have served as elders in their church.


The American Chiropractic Association
International Chiropractors Association
International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
N.C. Chiropractic Association

Dr. Miguel Cruz

Doctor of Chiropractic, Life University 1981

X-ray Intern, Life University 1980-81

Research Assistant, Life University 1980-81

Diplomate – National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. 1981

Diplomate – Gonstead Clinical Studies Society, 1982


Post Graduate Education

Qualified in Impairment Rating, Academy of Chiropractic, State University of NY, Buffalo

Qualified in MRI, CAT scan, bone scan interpretation, Academy of Chiropractic, State University of NY, Buffalo

Qualified in Neurodiagnostic testing, Academy of Chiropractic, State University of NY, Buffalo

Qualified in Trauma and Personal Injury Protocols, Academy of Chiropractic, State University of NY, Buffalo

Qualified in Medical-Legal Documentation, Academy of Chiropractic, State University of NY, Buffalo

Qualified in Crash Dynamics and the Trauma Victim, Academy of Chiropractic, State University of NY, Buffalo

Qualified in Examining and Triaging the Trauma Patient, Academy of Chiropractic, State University of NY, Buffalo

Mastering functional Blood Chemistry, University of Bridgeport, Health Sciences.

Mastering the thyroid, University of Bridgeport, Health Sciences.

Gluten, leaky gut, autoimmune connection, University of Bridgeport, Health Sciences.

Functional endocrinology, University of Bridgeport, Health Sciences.

Mastering the brain, University of Bridgeport, Health Sciences.

Studied with Dr. Janet Travell, Developer of myofascial and trigger point therapy.

Studied with Robin McKenzie, PT. Developer of the McKenzie treatment for low back pain.

Certified Addictionologist, American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders.



Family Practice Chiropractor of the year 1993.

Past Vice President of the North Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Past President North Carolina Chiropractic Association, Western District.