Neuroscope Therapy & Insomnia
My insomnia had gotten so intense that it had begun affecting my ability to stay awake at work and perform daily tasks.  After 20 years of insomnia a friend suggested to me that I come to Cruz Life Center and try Neuroscope Therapy.  After 12 treatments I began sleeping throughout the night and my energy during the day was greatly improved.  I am no longer sleeping through meetings!  Neuroscope therapy has changed my life, I would recommend acuscope for anyone suffering from insomnia, it has made a huge difference in my life!       …RH, Barnardsville, NC

Anxiety/Depression & Neuroscope Therapy
“Our son started coming to Cruz Life Center for anxiety issues he has been struggling with for a few years.  He also has developed an eye twitch.  His first session was a laser treatment.  His next treatment was a combination of laser and neuroscope.  After his second treatment, we immediately noticed his eye twitch has become less.  He was noticeably more talkative and outgoing, and he had a very easy time with certain transitions that would normally be difficult for him.  We have now been through four treatments.  He has decided to go out for  football, which he has never played before.  Normally, his anxiety would prohibit him from starting something new.  Not only did he start playing football, he is actually having a great time!  Worry free!  Our entire family is becoming more relaxed as a result!  We are no longer dreading the start of the school year, but happy that our son can enjoy the thing in life that children should be enjoying!  If someone would have told us that we would have these results, we my not have believed them.  We can’t wait to see what happens next.”                           …SB, Mars Hill, NC

Neuroscope Therapy & Pain
The pain in my low back was intense after my auto accident in December.  When I began Neuroscope Therapy my pain level was a 5, after 6 treatments my pain level was reduced to 3 and I was able to sleep through the night.  I would recommend Neuroscope Therapy to everyone that is living in that dark world of pain. It has made a difference in my life and my moods are better.            TS, Burnsville, NC


Neuroscope & Stress
For 3 weeks I had been having challenges with stress and anxiety.  There would be days that I thought I was going nuts.  My insides were like jelly and I was unable to sleep through the night.  I have been a patient of Dr. Cruz for many years, I was introduced to the Neuroscope Therapy , after 2 treatments the jelly feeling disappeared and I was able to sleep through the night.  I encourage anyone that is going through a crisis, not to wait.  Neuroscope has made the difference in my life.  …JB Burnsville, NC


Emotional Damage and Acuscope
For years I have allowed stress and emotions to control me physically and mentally.  I constantly wandered if I could ever minimize these challenges and then I was introduced to Neuroscope Therapy.  With a different assortment of natural vitamins, Neuroscope Therapy has been one of the most efficient and biggest helps in my life.  My stress levels have dropped, I can now take and accept correction and constructive criticism in ways that I never could before.  I no longer worry myself to the point of crying and throwing up.  It has been a couple of months since my stomach has knotted up.  After 9 treatments with Neuroscope Therapy and seeing the drastic changes in my stress, reactions and personal life, I would recommend Neuroscope Therapy to anyone suffering with stress and emotional damage.    …A.M.  Burnsville, N.C

Stress, Mood Swings, and Neuroscope
For about 6 years, I have had challenges with stress and mood swings. I haven’t wanted to go out or be around people at all. I have known Lesia Cruz for a long time now and I was expressing to her my conditions and she recommended Neuroscope Therapy. The Neuroscope has improved my stress levels as well as mood swings. I can now go out and be around people and feel great about it. I would definitely recommend Neuroscope Therapy to anyone suffering from stress or mood swings.    …….. J. P. Burnsville 

Energy & Neuroscope Therapy!
I am feeling much better mood wise.  I no longer feel like a black cloud is over my head at all times, not as bitchy.  I have also noticed that I laugh easier than before. I am better able to let things that bother me “roll of my back”.  I seem to have more energy and am sleeping better.  I still have some RLS issues in the evening and at night, but nowhere near as intense as before, so I know to give it time.                                                                       …D.G. North Carolina

Memory/Mood & Neuroscope Therapy!
For the past 2 to 3 years, I have battled with memory loss. Sometimes I would go into a room and forget what I went in for, or I couldn’t find my car keys and then locate them somewhere I would have never put them. I found myself being more withdrawn and insecure. I began a series of neuroscope treatments and immediately my memory and mood improved. I have been able to return to life unafraid and no longer insecure. I come in every three weeks for a treatment and I no longer have memory or mood issues. I tell everyone I know about the neuroscope therapy and how it has enabled me to return to life. …B. B. North Carolina

No Longer Taking Medications Thanks To The Neuroscope Therapy!
I came to NC for laser therapy on my low back. While receiving laser treatment, I shared with Lesia that I was on anxiety medications as well as pain medication. She explained to me how the neuroscope would help with the anxiety. The calming effect after just one treatment was incredible! After 2 weeks I was completely off my pain and anxiety medication. It is great to not be dealing with any more side effects of the medication I was taking. Thank you, Dr. Cruz and Lesia! …NC, Lakeland, FL