I’ve suffered with migraines and tension headaches for over ten years. I’ve been to numerous doctors, two ear, nose, and throat specialists, and a neurologist. I’ve tried numerous medications. I would get temporary relief with the medications, but the headaches would always return, sometimes worse. I was having up to 6 migraines a month and a tension headache almost daily. This was interfering with my work and my overall happiness. After doing some research, I decided to give Cruz Life Center a try. I noticed a change almost immediately. My number of headaches has been reduced to only one migraine in my first month of treatment. I immediately noticed that after stressful days at work: no headaches!! Dr. Cruz, Lesia, and Debra are wonderful! They really do care about their patients’ overall health and well being. I would highly recommend that anyone suffering with headaches, give chiropractic a try.

                                                                        ….April Truett