Have you walked into a room to look for something and then not remember what you are looking for?

Something called brain lesions begin to form as we grow older, these lesions have been directly linked to early stages of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s.  “Senior moments” is the affectionate term that we use, although these senior moments are a sign of something more serious going on in the brain.  *Research has shown an increase in the last five years of these so called senior moments directly related to increased brain lesions in our aging population.  Diet plays an important role as well, a diet high in sugar, grain, aspartame and soy increases growth in brain lesions.

Neuroscope is energy medicine that stimulates the brain to heal and repair lesions, stimulating the brain on a cellular level.  This is a non-invasive treatment.  Time varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour.  During your treatment you will be in a relaxing and quiet environment.

Memory/Mood & Neuroscope Therapy!

For the past 2 to 3 years, I have battled with memory loss. Sometimes I would go into a room and forget what I went in for, or I couldn’t find my car keys and then locate them somewhere I would have never put them. I found myself being more withdrawn and insecure. I began a series of neuroscope treatments and immediately my memory and mood improved. I have been able to return to life unafraid and no longer insecure. I come in every three weeks for a treatment and I no longer have memory or mood issues. I tell everyone I know about the neuroscope therapy and how it has enabled me to return to life.

…B. B. North Carolina

Our office is dedicated to natural health care solutions, Dr. Cruz and Lesia use the most up to date technology to diagnosis and treat our patients.

*Neurology September 21, 2010: 75(12) pub 2010 Sept 15