Meet Ursula Dobelmann, CCH


Hi There,

nice to “meet” you!

I am very happy to have joined the healthcare team at the Cruz Life center.

Chiropractic care and Homeopathy has been a part of my health maintenance for decades!

I started in the holistic healthcare field as a Board Certified Massage Therapist way back in 1983. In 2001 I added certification as a Classical Homeopath (CCH). After a successful practice in San Diego, California I have relocated to the calm, quiet and green of the mountains here in Burnsville.

My passion is for the outdoors and for that I need to be healthy and strong. Chiropractic, massage and homeopathy keep me going.

Homeopathy works for many, many types of chronic conditions and acute illness as well as injuries and emotional trauma or distress. An aspect of Homeopathy that I am especially passionate about is Homeoprophylaxis, HP for short. HP is immune system education for the prevention of childhood infectious diseases like Measles, Mumps, and Whooping cough, and is an alternative to vaccination. Without needles and no additives or toxins, HP is not only effective but safe.

I love talking about homeopathy and how it works, so if you’d like to learn more and explore if Homeopathy can help you, let’s talk.

yours in health,

Ursula Dobelmann, CCH

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