Meet Lesia Cruz

Introducing Lesia Cruz HC AADP

At the age of nine years old I was put into a Milwaukee brace for scoliosis.  Being told I was handicapped and not able to play any sports, in a family that loved sports changed my life.  In high school I met my husband, Dr. Miguel Cruz, and began the journey of chiropractic and natural health care. With chiropractic, my scoliosis was improved by 50% even after wearing the brace for 7 years!

Yes, chiropractic can improve scoliosis!



Discovering body building gave me confidence and determination. This created a desire to get in the best shape of my life and become a certified personal trainer.

Health Coaching

I was drawn to health coaching after my own challenges with diabetes.  My sugar was running 400 and I was doing all the MD told me regarding food and exercise. I chose not to go on insulin because watching several diabetic family members I did not want to take this road. I found a health coach and looked for natural choices to heal my pancreas.  After food sensitivity testing and a full functional blood work up, I found the right supplements and the food that was medicine for my body. I learned that certain foods could turn genetic expressions on or off.  This was very important because my mother and sister both had cancer and died in their early 30’s.  Health coaching was the foundation for changing my life and the road to my education as a Health Coach. I went to New York and trained with world renowned teachers such as Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Mary Dyson and oncologist Dr. Bernard Siegel at the prestigious Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My specialty is discovering how food and stress is affecting your emotional and physical health.


My desire to learn continued as I trained with Dr. Eric Plasker, author of the 100 Year Lifestyle book for speaking and teaching. I spoke around the country and taught success principles to Chiropractors from throughout the world.  This opened doors for me to speak on WLOS TV on many occasions as a natural health care spokesperson.


We found laser therapy after a family member had three serious tears in his knee. After 18 laser treatments, a second MRI revealed two of those tears were completely healed. We started laser therapy at the office and  we now have 6 lasers to serve our patients.


Seeing how family members and our community struggled with addiction sparked my desire to learn and started a  year long journey to Orlando Florida for training in Addiction Medicine. I complimented this training with a Julia Ross professional program in Addiction training as Julia brings food as a tool for support with addiction.

Functional Medicine

After challenges with hormones and having a 7lb tumor removed, I found functional medicine and started training in Blood Chemistry thorough Apex Energetics.  I just completed in 2014 Mastering Brain Chemistry.

Energy Medicine

After dealing with pain and stress in my own life, I found the electro neuroscope. This technology is one the best solutions for pain, stress, head injuries and addictions. I traveled to Minnesota for hands-on training. We now offer this therapy as a part of our natural health care solutions to pain management, stress, and addictions.

Values & Philosophy

My values are: Chiropractic, Food, Vitamins, Exercise, Integrity, God, Learning and Healthy Relationships

My philosophy is offering the Best In Natural Health Care and create a desire for others to learn and grow.
Co-Founder of the Cruz Life Center

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