Rheumatoid Arthritis

Before laser treatment I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had pain in my neck, shoulders, upper arms, and hands; it happened all at once. They prescribed me medications that made me dizzy and did not help. I was on my own so I began taking Aleve and it helped but I was still not able to lie down in my bed. I had to sleep in the recliner and depended on my husband to help me with almost everything. After just two laser treatments I was able to sleep in my own bed and after 11 I am nearly pain free.

The laser works and is worth trying, especially to avoid dangerous medications.

BH, Bakersville


Frozen Shoulder

In July 2016 I came in to Cruz Life Center with my left shoulder frozen. Because it was not my dominant arm, I waited for about 2 months before seeking treatment. I am very thankful for and pleased with my results. Over a period of 9 months with the help of Bioflex Laser Therapy and Chiropractic adjustments, I am almost fully healed.  I am grateful for the laser treatments that helped with my pain and kept me from having to take possibly addicting pain medications. I am also glad that I did not have to undergo manipulation under anesthesia. The encouragement I received from Dr. Cruz, Lesia and Sarah went a long way to move me toward success. Thank you Cruz Life Center and may God bless you.”                           LA, Spruce Pine


Healing in the News

Laser Therapy & Gout

“I have been a patient of Dr. Cruz’s for years, three weeks ago I found it difficult to walk or even put a shoe on.  My big toe hurt to touch.  I tried cherry juice and several other home remedies then I came in for laser treatments and after five treatments my pain was gone.  I have used laser therapy for many other conditions and every time after just a few treatments I always see results.  I would recommend laser therapy to everyone.  My success has been great!”      …RB, Burnsville, NC


Knee Pain and Laser Therapy

“Three years ago, I was suffering from severe pain in my left knee that had been going on for over a year.  I wanted to avoid having surgery so I got on the internet and began searching for alternative treatments for my knee.  I found Cruz Life Center in Burnsville, NC so I traveled from Cincinnati, OH to do a week of laser treatments on my left knee.  By the end of the week my knee pain was gone!  The spring of this year I began experiencing pain in my right knee, I knew right away what I needed to do.  I planned another trip to Burnsville, NC for a set of treatments on my right knee.  Again after a week of treatments my pain was gone and I am able to exercise and work out.  I am planning another trip back in the spring for a set of treatments on both knees.  It is a pain free, non-invasive treatment that works!  I would recommend laser therapy to everyone, the results are phenomenal.”                       Ed, Cincinnati, OH


Thanks to Dr. Cruz and His Team of Healers!

“Several months ago I sustained injuries that included multiple blunt trauma to the head, a broken nose and a blowout fracture of the eye and cheek bone.  I was already receiving treatment for unrelated issues by Dr. Cruz and his staff.  When I walked into their office covered with bruises and nearly unrecognizable from the swelling, he and his staff undertook to aggressively treat my injuries and the deep trauma I sustained.  They embraced me, cried with me, prayed with and for me and as they have done for many of their patients, remained several hours past their normal hours of practice to minister to my needs.  The Cruz team not only treat the physical needs of their patients, they minister to the whole person, physical, spiritual and emotional.  There is always smiles, a pleasant greeting and hugs if you need one.  But there is also healing and recovery taking place.  In this world of negativity it is so refreshing to have a place and people like this in Yancey County.”                                            BS, Green Mountain, NC


Low Back Pain & Laser Therapy

“For about a year I have suffered from low back pain, so intense that I was not able to stand more than 5 minutes.  I was in constant pain not able to enjoy the things in life that I love like fishing and gardening.  My friend recommended that I try laser therapy for my pain and my results have been phenomenal.  After three treatments I went on a fishing trip and had the time of my life.  It takes me about an hour to drive in for my treatments but it is worth it!  I would recommend everyone suffering to come to Cruz Life Center.       My Results Are Proof! ”                           GW  Morganton, NC


Bell’s Palsy & Laser Therapy

“I was hit with Bell’s Palsy and I went there for massages and laser. Before I knew it, the Bell’s Palsy was getting less noticeable. Definitely helped with inflammation to the nerve. I definitely recommend The Cruz Life Center to anyone that has problems with nerves. The staff is very welcoming and relaxing. ”                …Melchor, Burnsville, NC

Hip Pain & Laser Therapy

“Since childhood horses have been my passion.  For 6 years my pain has prevented me from riding horses.  Over the years my shoulder had began giving me problems.  My farrier recommended that I come to Cruz Life Center.  Almost immediately my pain got better.  Last weekend we had a huge horse chow in Yadkenville, NC.  I was able to ride my horse without pain in my hip or shoulder.  For the first time in 6 years I enjoyed my ride!  It is definitely worth trying.  You will see the difference.”    Jennifer, Marshall, NC



Back Pain & Laser Therapy

“After having sudden major back pain I immediately made an appointment. They took me in that day and gave an exam, x-rays, and started treatment. I was feeling 100% better in a few days. Since then,  I have had over twelve laser therapy sessions and adjustments to keep things in shape. If you travel or sit for a living I suggest getting on a program. The entire staff makes you feel like family and have always been accommodating and caring (they really do “feel your pain”). Thanks Doc, Lesia, Deb, and Ashley.”                 …Steve Cercone


3rd Degree Burns & Laser Therapy

“We treated an 11 year old boy with third degree burns to the back and side of his leg.  He was not able to walk or bend his knee.  His pain level before the first treatment was 8.  Dr. Cruz recommended laser therapy and fresh ground aloe vera applied 3x daily.  Patient began taking probiotics (to help with digestion) and CQ10 (to help with circulatory system).  Laser therapy was recommended 5x for the first week.  His burns were so intense, the laser therapist had to hold the laser pad off his leg, so that it would not touch.  Patients pain level dropped to a 4 after one treatment and wounds had opened and were bleeding.  After one week of treatment new skin was present and wounds were healing from the inside out (as seen in photos below).  The second week of treatment some of the wounds were replaced with new healthy skin and patient’s pain level went to a 1 and patient began putting weight on his leg.  The third week of treatment the only wounds present were around his ankle and his pain level was zero.  Dr. Cruz recommended that patient began using coconut oil on the new skin.  After the fourth week of treatments, as seen in the photo below, his leg was now healing on its own.

Week #1
Treatment #1

Week #2
Treatment #5

Week #3
Treatment #9

Week #4
Treatment #14


Bladder Infections and Laser Therapy

“For over 2 and half years I battled bladder infections, taking many different medications with no results.  I was getting up every 1 to 2 hours a night just to go to the bathroom.  It was beginning to affect my low back.  After 4 or 5 treatments my bladder infection was gone and my low back pain is much better.  I now only get up 1 or 2 times all night and my low back pain is gone.   I am now able to enjoy life to the fullest and I continued to come in once a month in order to keep the infections away.   I am deeply grateful for the responsible and caring staff at Cruz Life Center that has helped me.”     …GS, Spruce Pine, NC

Pain & Laser Therapy

“After my auto accident I had a lot of pain in my neck and low back.  I was unable to do even the smallest of everyday activities.  The laser treatments have made me feel GREAT, my energy level has increased.  I would recommend laser therapy to everyone dealing with constant pain.  It has made a difference in my life.”                … Tammy, Burnsville, NC


ColtonAsthma & Laser Therapy

“I was diagnosed with asthma 10 years ago at the age of 2.  I was sick a lot with a non-stop cough and nasal drainage and not able to go outside when it was cold weather. We had tried everything and every doctor from Asheville to Wake Forest and Chapel Hill. My mom’s friend (Sandy Phillips) recommended that we try laser treatments for my asthma. I am so happy with my results and I am doing so much better, I’m able to go outside and not get sick. Since beginning laser therapy I have not taken any of my allergy medicines, no breathing treatments and no steroid shots.  I would recommend laser therapy to everyone it has helped me a lot.”   ….Colton Cox Winner @ NC State Fair


Tom ThorntonLaser Therapy & Shingles

“The pain and discomfort of shingles hindered almost all of my activities and sleep. After 6 weeks of no relief, my neighbor suggested that I go to Cruz Life Center. After 5 treatments my pain level was down and I was seeing relief, after 14 treatments my pain is gone and I am able to do any activity and sleep with no pain. I would recommend anyone suffering from shingles to come see Cruz Life Center.”     …Tom, Florida


Post-Neuralgic Shingles Pain and Laser Therapy

“Want to start off by saying how the staff made me feel very welcome, upon arrival, when I walked in the front door the first thing I saw was “Welcome Treven”, that blew me out of the ball park.  Once inside, Sarah was so awesome and so knowledgeable of her job, she greeted me by my first name and I felt such a personal one on one experience.  She gave me a tour of the office and that was when she introduced me to Dr. and Mrs. Cruz intimately known as Lesia.  They took me inside and sat me down and allowed me to explain to them why I was there.  10 months ago I came down with an excruciating headache that knocked me off my feet, didn’t know what was going on, after 3 days I went to the ER, unfortunately in the Bahamas where I am from, I was not diagnosed immediately and after 9 days of excruciating pain, I was told I had Shingles of the eye unfortunately by that time the damaged had already began neurologically.  That’s where my “journey” began.  I stayed in the hospital for one week when the doctors told me they had done all they could for me, I was sent home with this problem that changed my entire life.  I never knew pain like the pain I had encountered with this disease, I thought it would be easier to just lay down and die.  After trying all avenues of Dr.’s visits, medications, treatments, therapies, domestically and internationally, I had given completely up.  I went in to a deep dark place where I didn’t want to be associated with anyone so I resorted to much prayer and looking for help that I thought was not there for me.  After 9 months I ran across the Cruz Life Center website.  I started off by reading the blogs and I realized there was a ray of hope for me and I started researching their techniques of Laser Therapy for pain associated with Shingles.  I called their facility and spoke with Sarah who arranged a consultation over the phone with Dr. Cruz and Lesia and they told me that I was a candidate for Laser Treatment.  I will say to date, I have received a total of 20 treatments and upon the very first treatment I started feeling relief.  I have 4 treatments left and I am beginning to feel like my old self again.  I want to thank God first and foremost for directing me to such wonderful, professional and personable people, they make a “GREAT” team together and I must say, Lesia’s hands are magical.  I would highly recommend the Cruz Life Center to anyone that is struggling with any ailments or pain.”

…TD, Bahamas



Osteoarthritis and Laser Therapy

“I have suffered from moderate to severe osteoarthritis in my knees, back and neck for several years.  The pain could be crippling at times and certainly was limiting my lifestyle.  “Traditional” medicine was not effective, the only option I was given was surgery with a lengthy recuperation time.  Being in private practice, this was not a feasible option for me.  I was becoming discouraged and began to think that I was never going to enjoy dancing, hiking or any of the activities I have always loved.  One of my patients suggested that I call Cruz Life Center, Debra was the first person I spoke to when I called, her genuine warmth and caring was apparent even through the phone.  That welcoming attitude is visible in all the staff and I felt it the first moment I stepped through the door and was welcomed with open arms.  Dr. Cruz, Lesia, Debra and Karen have treated me with the utmost care and respect, taking time to answer all my questions, genuinely caring about my well being.  I am happy to say that after a series of laser treatments on my knees, the pain is greatly reduced and when it does flare up, it has a much shorter duration than in the past.  The chiropractic adjustments have been instrumental in reduction of back and neck discomfort, and the comprehensive analysis of my blood work proved to be very informative and was a useful tool to enable me to make positive changes in my life.  I highly recommend Cruz Life Center for anyone struggling with chronic pain, and I plan to participate in their care for the rest of my life.”

Denise Harrison, MA, MAC, LCAS, CCS, CSOTS


Laser Therapy and Scar Tissue

“I had breast cancer 20 years ago, which resulted in surgery. For the past 20 years I was in constant pain from the scar tissue that formed from the surgery. I came to Cruz Life Center for laser treatments on the scar tissue from my surgery. I had 12 laser treatments over the course of 12 weeks, after the second or third treatment I noticed that the pain was greatly reduced.   When I went for my yearly mammogram this year, the radiologist that read the test came in to see if the name on the chart was mine. He stated that there was no scar tissue present and he wanted to know what I had done. I told him about the laser therapy and how that it had gotten rid of the pain and discomfort. He stated that there was very little scar tissue present. I would recommend laser therapy to everyone,  It Really Works.”                                    .…B.A. North Carolina


Joe pictureKnee Injury & Laser Therapy

“I had began training for a 5K race and injured my knee, since I had success with treating my neck I knew that I wanted to begin laser treatments on my knee right away. After one treatment on my knee any pain was gone. I am looking forward to running again.  Cruz Life Center is my one stop for everything.  From  laser treatments, adjustments, vitamins, supplements and health coaching they have help me change my lifestyle and health.  I am no longer taking any prescription medications – only vitamins and supplements that are good for me and help my body heal itself.  I recommend that you don’t wait for the pain to get so bad that you depend on pain medication that only masks the pain.  Laser treatment helps the body to heal itself. ”                                   ….Joe Glenn

 000_0003Migraines and Laser Therapy

“I’ve suffered with migraines and tension headaches for over ten years. I’ve been to numerous doctors, two ear, nose, and throat specialists, and a neurologist. I’ve tried numerous medications. I would get temporary relief with the medications, but the headaches would always return, sometimes worse. I was having up to 6 migraines a month and a tension headache almost daily. This was interfering with my work and my overall happiness. After doing some research, I decided to give Cruz Life Center a try. I noticed a change almost immediately. My number of headaches has been reduced to only one migraine in my first month of treatment. I immediately noticed that after stressful days at work: no headaches!! Dr. Cruz, Lesia, and Debra are wonderful! They really do care about their patients’ overall health and well being. I would highly recommend that anyone suffering with headaches, give chiropractic a try. ”                                         ….April Truett



Angie Weatherman testimonyShingles and Laser Therapy

“On January 17th I was diagnosed with shingles from the middle of my spine wrapping around to my belly button.  Shingles has been the single most painful thing that I have ever experienced.  I was unable to work, do my everyday chores, go to church, and play with my grandchildren or drive.  Pain was in control of my life and it was devastating.  On February 12, I began laser therapy for my shingles.  After 6 treatments the shingles were cleared and my pain was gone except for a light sting when the area was touched.  After 15 days the pain was completely gone.  I recommend laser therapy to every one; don’t wait until the pain takes control of your life.  You will be surprise at the results and you will enjoy your visit with the friendly staff.”                        …Angie Weatherman

Shoulder Strain & Laser Therapy

“My medical doctor told me that I needed shoulder surgery and would not be able to play anymore football this year.  This is my senior year and that news was not easy to take.  The MRI showed that I had a strain in my shoulder.  One of my mom’s friends recommended that we try laser therapy.  After 9 treatments I was completely healed and back out on the field playing football.  I would recommend laser therapy for everyone, not only did it heal my shoulder but my senior year will be memorable.”      …Cory Blevins

Open Wounds & Laser Therapy

“I was in a motorcycle accident, 6 days later my left leg was not healing. After several visits to the hospital and my medical doctor, I remained in a lot of pain and no sign of healing. I came to Cruz Life Center and began laser treatments. After one treatment my leg started scabbing over. Every treatment after that my leg kept getting better and better. My healing time was cut in half, I would recommend laser for everyone at Cruz Life Center where you are greeted with a smile, known by your first name and treated like family. ”       … Sherry Jones

Treatment #1

Treatment #1

4 Weeks After Treatment

4 Weeks After Treatment


Treatment #10

Treatment #10





testimonial Alison MelinnAlison Melinn
“I have had laser therapy for numerous conditions and have had GREAT results each time. I will definitely have laser therapy again and recommend it to all my friends.”


Gera Girard Gera Girard 

“Over the years I have been to countless doctors looking for a solution for my pain.  My friend kept telling me about the laser therapy although I was skeptical. When I came into the office I had a hairline fracture and herniated disc, after 3 laser treatments my pain was gone. The laser therapy has given me a new lease on life I now know what it is like to live a life pain free.  I would recommend for everyone to give Cruz Life Center a try!”


TravisTravis Sparks

 “When I came into the office I had excruciating shoulder pain, I was not able to sleep or rest. The numbness went all the way down my arm into my hand.  Laser has made the most difference in my pain, my mobility has returned and I am able to sleep and rest. The people at Cruz Life Center really care about their patients. I would recommend Cruz Life Center to everyone.”


Bruce MelinnBruce Melinn
“I came into Cruz Chiropractic because of a bad knee . It was painful to walk and I had horrible mobility. After laser therapy and chiropractic adjustments the pain was reduced. The swelling and mobility have greatly improved. My wife & I purchased new bikes and ride several times each week, something I couldn’t have done before.”



Avery AustinAvery Austin
Laser therapy helped me recover from a football injury & got me back into the game in just a few weeks!”




testimonial Chris Boone on Bike on roanChris Boone
“Dr. Cruz and his whole body approach to health has helped me to ride my bike and run at peak performance.”
Record holder for fastest time on the Blue Ridge Parkway, June 28,2000



DarlaDarla Harding

“I came to the office in extreme pain in my lower back. Other family members had been helped by Cruz Chiropractic and I needed immediate help. The laser treatments helped relieve the pain and began the healing process in my back. By the 3rd treatment, it was amazing how much better I felt. I would recommend laser therapy to anyone who may suffer with pain whether injured or with a painful chronic condition.”