Laser Therapy for Tendon/Ligament Injuries

Jim McQueen 
“I came into the office to get laser therapy on my arm which I hurt while playing racquetball. The laser treatment was so successful that I decided to try the laser on an pld shoulder injury. The laser treatments along with Chiropractic Care helped most of my range of motion to return.”
-Jim McQueen
“I injured my ankle while playing basketball. I had a lot of pain and swelling and was unable to play basketball. Some of my friends had tried laser therapy and told me how well it works so I decided to try it for myself. After only five treatments most of the swelling was gone and I was able to get back on the game. Laser worked for me!”
-Brennan Neill
Note from Dr. Cruz:
“Typically we see injuries improve in 3-6 treatments if we start laser therapy soon after the injury occurs. It reduces pain, inflammation, and helps speed up healing allowing patients to return to normal activities much faster then without laser therapy.”
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