Laser Therapy for Stretch Marks & Scars

Scar tissue Release

Our Percussor Instrument delivers variable controlled pulses to break up scar tissue and release tight muscles. The variable pulses can treat anyone from a small child to a senior citizen. Scar tissue release will also stimulate lymph drainage to improve immune system.

Van McClintick“After traveling all the way to Charlotte, I was very excited to find that I coud get laser therapy so cose to home with such fantastic results. After only a few treatments, I could tell a huge difference in teh reduction of my scar tissue.”

-Van McClintick


Raegan Reeves



“I got laser on my face because I had some sunburn scars from the previous summer. Nothing helped them go away but the Laser Treatments. The scarring is gone and I feel much better about myself.”

-Regan Reeves

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