Laser Therapy for Muscle Spasms

Hilda Robinson“I was in an auto accident in May of 2010. I ended up walking with a walker and could not get out of a chair without someone helping me. I spent a lot of time crying and not knowing what to do to help my pain. I came to Cruz Life Center with terrible pain in my lower back, not sure what to expect. I was immediately impressed with how everything was explained to me and the overall environment of the office. After 13 laser treatments and adjustments my muscle spasms were gone and the pain had greatly decreased. I no longer need a walker to get around and I am able to get up from a chair by myself. I would recommend Cruz Life Center to everyone.” 
-Hilda Robinson
terry hensley“I was having severe headaches on a daily basis along with muscle spasms. They were so severe that I was unable to do anything for several days. The spasms were on a weekly basis. I came to Dr. Cruz and the x-rays showed that my neck had a reverse curve. With a combination of Chiropractic and 13 Laser Treatments, my headaches permanently went away and I have had no more muscle spasms. I am now able to work without pain.

-Terry Hensley

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