Laser Therapy for Liver Problems

edited pic“I had a sluggish liver and my medical doctor was wanting to do an ultrasound and procedure. I decided to try laser therapy then redo blood work. After 13 laser treatment and 3 months of health coaching, liver numbers came down 16 points well into the normal range. . .for the first time in 7 years. Triglycerides came down 29 points, good cholesterol went up 6 points.”  

“My health was very bad and I needed to improve it. Then I was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. I started laser treatments after learning that my liver was very flamed and greatly affected from the medication. My liver was very swollen and hard. The laser greatly reduced the swelling and detoxed it so that my last liver test showed my liver had returned to normal.

December harris 2I have had a total of 15 treatments and will have several more to ensure good jhealth. Trusting in the alternative method from conventional medical methods may be a challenge but it pays off in the long run.”

-December Harris


-Bart Deyton

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