Laser Therapy for Knee Injuries

“I came into the office for knee pain. I had been to a medical doctor and was told I would have to have knee replacement surgery. I wanted to explore all other possibilities before deciding to have surgery.

After just the first 13 treatments, I felt much better. I am continuing to take treatments, and I feel that I improve after each session. The laser helped alleviate pain and stiffness. I had almost no flexibility, but now I have 70% more range of motion, allowing me to walk much better.”

I now believe that I will not need knee replacement surgery, and I feel that I will be able to do many things I was afraid I would never do again. I highly recommend laser treatments to all.”


Spruce Pine, NC


Margaret York Testimony Picture“Laser Therapy has helped me heal quickly from a knee injury & broken rib. Laser really helped me with the pain.Laser Treatments definitely work! I will be ready to play golf again. Healing yourself noninvasively is so much better then surgery!

Laser is good for many things. Just try it!”

-Margaret York

Burnsville, NC

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