Low back pain that comes with numbness and radiating pain can be crippling and very stressful.   It commonly affects two thirds of people during their lifetime.  Often disc herniation is involved. Herniation occurs when a tear causes the disc to swell and push against surrounding nerve root causing irritation and pain. Because the pain is so great and the inability to walk or do any daily activities many people will opt for surgery, thinking that it will be the fastest way to get them back to their lives.

Laser Therapy for Herniated Disc? Can It Help Me?

Laser therapy offers a less invasive treatment for low back pain.   Also, studies have shown that the drugs used to treat disc herniation were linked to a heightened risk of cardiovascular side effects. There is also a risk of addiction to pain medication.

Research has shown that a very specific frequency of light is used in Low Intensity Laser Therapy, energizes the cells for healing. Laser therapy has been effective where other conservative techniques provided no pain relief.  Imaging studies have shown that after laser therapy herniation can decrease in size, once the pressure on the nerve root is decreased then pain and numbness are gone.  Laser therapy has been shown to promote healing by stimulating the cells within the tissue surrounding the disc fragment and then reducing inflammation.

A number of patients treated a Meditech Centre, in Toronto, Canada have a prolonged history of back pain with ineffective therapies.  Many use walkers, canes, wheelchairs or are bedridden.  After 5 laser treatments, the patients cease to use medication and after 15 treatments, they are ambulatory and resume a normal lifestyle.  Cost is also a major reason to use laser therapy rather than surgery or drug therapy.  Laser therapy has an average savings of over $20,000 over surgery and $7500 over standard conservative therapy.  Further, follow-up studies of those treated with laser therapy indicates that patients remained symptom free and imaging showed no more herniation.  Therefore, laser therapy is the most effect therapeutic approach in managing back pain. All of our staff have received their training and certification from Meditech.

Our patients are our best testament, over and over again patients are seeing great results!

“When I came to the office my pain was so intense I could hardly walk and I was using a walker. Dr. Cruz recommended an MRI which showed spinal stenosis in the low back and herniation. With this information we knew exactly where to concentrate the laser therapy. It only took a couple of treatments and walking became much easier and the pain subsided. I would choose laser therapy over surgery anytime. ” BM

“I came up from Florida to try laser treatment on my herniated disc instead of surgery.  I have had severe back pain for years, I have taking several different medications that only masked the  pain.  After the first laser treatment I could tell a difference and after 2 weeks of treatments I was totally off medications.  I would recommend laser therapy to anyone that is facing back surgery.”    …Nick, Florida

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