Laser After Surgery

On June 17th 2010, I was working on my truck at a friend’s house in P.A. As I reached up to pull myself out from under it, I heard a pop in my right shoulder. When I looked down at my arm I saw that my bicep was balled up at my elbow. A trip to the emergency room confirmed the obvious. I had detached the right bicep at the shoulder.

Charlie Gager 7-15-10 B

Upon returning to N.C., I saw Dr. Cruz to determine a treatment course for healing the arm after the required surgery. On July 6th 2010, I had surgery to reattach the long head of my biceps. On July 12th 2010, after the bandages from the surgery were removed, I received my first laser treatment. My pain at the surgery site was 75%. On July 14th 2010, I received my second laser treatment and all pain from the surgery was gone.

AS a Reiki Master teacher I was able to perform treatments to myself to aid the treatments I received at Cruz Life Center. I also applied coconut oil to the incisions to keep the skin soft and to help decrease the external scaring and the chance of infection.

Having already had health coaching with Lesia (I lost 25 pounds), we were able to adjust my supplements to better deal with the stress and healing my body would be under going. I began taking supplements to help with the healing of the scar tissue. All through the treatment process Lesia and Dr. Cruz were consulted to optimize the healing and recovery process. After Dr. Cruz determined that the tendon had sufficiently healed he began direct treatment of the injured shoulder. I had been receiving adjustments through out my recovery at the level Dr. Cruz felt appropriate for my degree of healing at that time.

Charlie Gager arm

My healing has been more rapid and complete than the surgeon anticipated. X-rays showed the anchor hole drilled in my humorous was 50% filled in within 4 weeks of starting the laser treatments. I have exceeded his expectations at all phases of my healing and recovery.

-Charlie Gager

Reiki Master Teacher

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