January is Brain Month

When my husband began to suffer from sleep deprivation, we chalked it up to the growing pains of a new marriage. Neither of us were used to sleeping with the other and knew it would be an adjustment. Slowly we began to see other changes in his behavior. He was moody, short fused, emotional, and withdrawn. Neither of us understood what was going on. He seemed like a completely different person. When we finally began to get some answers, we discovered that the foods he was eating were attacking his brain. We are taught it in school. The brain is important, but do we realize just how important? Our brain is the source of our personality and intelligence. It involves itself in every decision we make. When our brain is working right, we are happier and make better decisions. When it isn’t working right, we are sad, sick, and everything suffers.

Knowing where to start when it comes to making sure your brain is working right it overwhelming. There is so much information out there. During the month of January, Cruz Life Center will be devoting everything we do to helping you learn more about the brain. We will have a series on our blog, classes in our office, and new videos on Youtube that will touch on brain issues that will include game addiction, sleep deprivation, weight loss, brain injuries, ADHD, and memory loss. We invile you to join us on this journey to understand our brain.

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