Laser Therapy Helped My Sprained Ankle

Laser Therapy for Sprained Ankles

Our ankles are very complex joints. Actually they are made up of many bones with many ligaments that need to all be aligned correctly for our feet to function for walking, jumping, and running.

A wrong step off a curb, twisting the ankle may not seem so bad. But often the pain gets worse over a few days rather than better. If you have been waiting for it to improve on its own for more than a day or two we recommend an evaluation in our office. Chiropractic to assure good alignment and Laser Therapy to heal the ligaments to speed healing and literally get you back on your feet.

Ligaments on their own heal very slowly because they do not have a good blood supply to nourish them. Lasers bring nutrients to the ligaments and this speeds healing.

The laser light is applied with pads that emit red and infrared light that penetrates deep into the injured ligaments where the cells are infused with energy that the cells can used to mend the tear. The laser also decreases the inflammation and this reduces the swelling and relieves the pain.

Our recommendation is that if it still hurts after a day of rest and ice, laser therapy can speed up your healing process and get you back to work, or school, or your sports sooner.

Give us a call, we are here to help.


Read what one of our patient’s says:

“I came to Dr. Cruz for chiropractic work, I had a sprained ankle that would not heal after about a year.  I read about the laser therapy and I had 12 treatments on my ankle.  That was 5 years ago and I haven’t had any trouble with the ankle since.”