“I Lost Over 30 Pounds Eating Chocolate!”

chocolate syrupCruz Life Center cares about our health, lives, and quality of life.  They are learning every day, and sharing their wealth of knowledge, freely and gladly.  Cruz Life Center helps us manage our total body care.  From traditional chiropractic adjustments, to laser treatments, to the best quality of vitamins and supplements.

A few months ago, Lesia and Debra suggested that I would benefit from the ‘raw chocolate’.  All my life, weight has been a struggle.  And you never met anyone more of a ‘chocolate-holic’ !!  If it was chocolate, it was mine!  Yet, the more chocolate milk I drank and the more chocolate candy-bars I ate, the more I craved.  My weight ballooned.  I was feeling poorly a lot of the time, carrying around way more poundage than my bones could handle.  My knees ached so bad, it was getting harder and harder even to go up and down stairs.  In the mornings I’d wake up aching all over.

I was quite skeptical but, having faith in Lesia, decided to go ahead and give it a try.  Well !!  That was in December.  There was such an immediate, radical change, I could hardly believe it.  Within days, my body stopped hurting so bad, and I lost a few pounds.  Anytime that old chocolate craving reared its ugly head, I’d just have a spoonful of two of the Organic Raw Chocolate Syrup.

My body is feeling energized, stronger, few (if any) aches and pains — and in three months, I’ve dropped over 30 pounds!

 There is NO feeling of being deprived.                                         Susan, Burnsville, NC
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