I grew up watching several diabetic family members take daily insulin injections. Eventually, my increased sugar cravings, combined with low energy and diminishing self-esteem, signaled a serious problem that was not only affecting my health, but every aspect of my life.

My mother died at the age of 34 from cancer and later when my sister died at the age of 31 from cancer, I knew it was time for some serious lifestyle changes.

I did not want to be another family statistic!

Through numerous trainings and doing my own research, I discovered health counseling which became “The Foundation” for a better life for me. Through a compassionate health coach, I learned the foods that would heal my body and change my genetic expression, and the specific supplements for my unique body chemistry. This enabled me to Live My Best Life Now!

Because I received the emotional support that nurtured me through the accountability process, I reached all of my goals! I learned to control my sugar without insulin, and one step at a time other improvements began to take root. Inspired by my own success I want to do the same for others!

I trained with leading experts in health and nutrition such as Drs. Andrew Weil, Bernard Siegal and Willard Willet to learn proven nutritional counseling techniques at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.

I also travel across the country speaking on health, nutrition and chiropractic, as well as a regular spokesperson for WLOS here in WNC. Empowering people to take better care of their own health is my passion.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

Lesia Cruz HC AADP
Founder of the Cruz Life Center
Weight Loss Coach
Workshop Leader and Speaker