Functional Medicine

Have you ever gone to the doctor with symptoms that are affecting your everyday life? Your doctor does a series of lab tests and they all come back normal.

Have you gone from doctor to doctor, and nobody seems to be taking you or your health concerns serious?

Has your condition been resistant to everything medicine has had to offer?

We understand, and the principles of Functional Medicine can help determine the cause of your health problems and devise a plan to restore your health and life.

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Functional medicine allows patients the opportunity to address health issues without drugs or surgery by looking at the complete picture of a patient’s overall health. For example, most doctors when checking your thyroid will only check the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). With functional medicine multiple thyroid markers are checked for any underlying issues with the thyroid and related organs before they become critical. Functional medicine guidelines allow Dr. Cruz and Lesia to examine markers that are present in blood work long before issues become critical, and pharmaceuticals are required.

This allows the doctor and patient to see any issues that are starting in their body and address them naturally.

Dr. Miguel Cruz

Certifications in Brain Therapies from the Carrick Institute, Functional Neurology
Certifications in “Mastering Brain Chemistry” Mastering the Thyroid” And “Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry”
Graduated Cum Laud, Doctor of Chiropractic, Life university 1981
Family Practice Doctor of the Year award 1993
Past Vice President NC Board of Chiropractic Examiners Certified Addictionologist, Cad
Past President NC Chiropractic association, Western District

Lesia Cruz

Certifications in “Mastering Brain Chemistry” Mastering the Thyroid” And “Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry”

Certified Integrative Nutritional Counselor
Certified Addictionologist, Cad
Certified Laser therapy Trainer
Certified X-ray Technologist

A lot of people have been told that their lab tests are normal only to find out weeks, months or years later that they have a disease. Disease doesn’t come to our bodies overnight. Most doctors are trained to evaluate standardized lab tests as abnormal only when they fall outside of the lab ranges as set by the individual labs.

The example below represents a mountain with a jagged edge and a sharp drop to the ocean full of sharks. A healthy result on lab findings is what we all want with living at the top of the mountain. Standing on the jagged edge represents being functionally unhealthy, having all or some of the symptoms of a problem but the labs are not yet bad enough to get your doctors attention. Falling off the cliff and swimming with the sharks is when the labs are finally bad enough to be obvious and get a diagnosis.

Once blood work is completed Dr. Cruz and Lesia analyze the information and if any potential issues are present then Dr. Cruz and Lesia use a non-pharmaceutical approach to work with you for restoration of your health. These may include:

· Better food choices
· Lifestyle changes
· Nutritional supplements or Botanicals
· Customized recommendations for each patient based on their testing
· Follow up testing and reports to support patient’s progress
· Personal health coaching to help you along your journey towards optimal health

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Watch some of our videos for a better understanding of how we can help you.

Why am I Not Sleeping?

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No Longer Taking Medications Thanks to The Neuroscopes/Alpha Stim Therapy!
I came to NC for laser therapy on my low back. While receiving laser treatment, I shared with Lesia that I was on anxiety medications as well as pain medication. She explained to me how the neuroscope would help with the anxiety. The calming effect after just one treatment was incredible! After 2 weeks I was completely off my pain and anxiety medication. It is great to not be dealing with any more side effects of the medication I was taking. Thank you, Dr. Cruz and Lesia

Unbearable pressure in her head
Cruz Life Center gave me relief that I searched for from several doctors. I went to Neurosurgeons and ENTS to try and find a cure to the pressure that builds in my head. The pain is unbearable at times, and no one could pinpoint the issue. I went to Dr. Cruz and discussed the issues with him and his wife Lesia. After the first treatment I received relief. I was so excited to feel normal again. I had given up on feeling better and had accepted the new normal because no one could diagnosis me. Thank you Cruz Life Center for proving me wrong and helping me.

Lost hope in conventional medicine and healthcare
Cruz Life Center has made a huge impact in my life by minimizing my pain level and helping me to achieve at pursing my educational goals. Before Cruz I was living in constant pain and my ability to concentrate was severely impacted. Dr. Cruz and his team has helped me to regain control over my life and I recommend them anyone and everyone who has lost hope in conventional medicine and Healthcare.

Feeling overwhelmed and helpless
I came into Cruz Life Center feeling overwhelmed and helpless. With the help of Lesa and Dr. Cruz I now have hope! The combination of laser therapy, body alignment and supplements that were put together for me has started my new journey in life. I would definitely recommend Cruz Life Center to anyone that feels like there is no hope!

Tired of traditional doctors not listening
Are you on the fence? Are you tired of traditional doctors not listening? I procrastinated for a long time due to the cost of treatment, but I decided when my regular thyroid treatment was no longer working to try Cruz Life Center, I am so happy I did! Miguel and Lesia gave suggestions on thorough bloodwork, supplements/therapies that would help me, there is no pressure, I could choose whether to tip-toe in or go for the gusto. I started with a thorough thyroid blood panel, once the results were in started on some supplements then received therapy with the alpha-stim. They encourage you on the road to better health. I am very grateful to be feeling more like myself. Also, the entire staff remembers my name every time I come in which makes you feel like family.

How do I Get Started?

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Let’s talk to determine if we can accept your case. There is no charge for this visit if we determine you are not a good candidate. We only accept those cases we know we can help!

Comprehensive Examination

Exams are non-invasive and painless and may include a sinus/cranial exam, spinal exam, nerve scan, physical exam, nutritional assessment. Laser treatment can be done on this visit so you can experience the benefits right away.

Personal Care Plan

A personalized care plan will be designed especially for you with all options and costs. With your agreement we will be ready to start your path to breathing freely again.

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Why can’t my medical doctor order the labs?

They certainly can and many do. The problem is that insurance does not want to pay for labs unless you have a particular diagnosis, and if the insurance does not pay, then they don’t get paid. Another reason is that they have not been trained in interpreting many advanced labs.

What are some of the labs you may require?

From LabCorp we have access to any labs that are traditionally done at your physician’s office or hospital. Below are more of our favorite specialized labs. Feel free to go to their websites for more information. – For autoimmune testing and food sensitivity – For neurotransmitter and hormone testing – Hormone testing through the urine – For nutritional testing, blood lipids

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it painful?
No, Treatments are relaxing and painless, Patients often fall asleep during treatment. Slight warmth may be felt with the laser or tingling sensation with the Neuroscope/Alpha Stim. Chiropractic adjustments are done using an instrument so there is no cracking or popping of your back.

How long are treatments?
Therapy treatments are from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes.

How long before I see improvements?
Therapy treatments generally show improvements within 3 – 6 treatments but can take longer with chronic cases. Treatments involving lab work, supplements and lifestyle changes can take several months to see improvements.

How much does it cost?
Laser treatments are time dependent and can cost from $67 to $147. Neuroscope/Alpha Stim treatments cost $77.00. Your first visit will have an exam fee which can be from $75 to around $300 depending on the extent of the examination and if x-rays are needed. Health coaching consultations can range from $75.00 – 20 minutes to $217.00 – 1 hour

What if I live far away?
Many patients fly in and stay 1 week getting 2 treatments daily. Your initial consultation can be done over the phone to make sure you are a good candidate. Neuroscopes/Alpha Stim are also available for purchase. Health coaching and lab work can be ordered and done over the phone.

Is Laser and Neuroscopes/Alpha Stim the only treatments you have?
No, your examination will determine if any other treatments may be beneficial. Other treatments we offer include chiropractic, fascial/cranial adjustments, food allergy testing, supplement therapy, comprehensive laboratory testing, cognitive assessments and treatment, Health coaching.

Does it help Chronic conditions?
Yes, chronic conditions is why people usually search out a functional medicine practitioner, they have had it a long time, have been to several doctors with no results and are ready to do something different.