Laser TherapyWhat is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?

 Low Intensity Laser Therapy is the application of a “cold” pure laser light to treat certain conditions. It has been used to successfully treat many kinds of musculoskeletal injuries because it promotes healing and tissue repair.


Is LLLT safe?
LLLT is a safe, painless, and medication-free treatment. It has been used in England, Canada, and Europe for over 20 years with no documented adverse side-effects. Laser therapy is a non-medical procedure and is respected by many physicians as a highly effective treatment.

How does LLLT work?

The monochromatic coherent and polarized characteristics of the therapeutic light beam permit penetration of deep tissues without affecting normal cells. It promotes growth of new healthy cells to replace damaged, degenerative cells that now longer function to their full potential.

Will the laser hurt?

No. Low Intensity Laser Therapy is painless. In fact, most people describe the treatment as relaxing.

How long does the treatment take?

Depending on the condition and area treated. Low back and hip treatments are usually 60 minutes and most other conditions are 30 minutes.
Your first visit will include a personal consultation  so you should allow about an hour for that appointment.

Are there any health conditions for which LLLT is not recommended?

We do not treat during the first trimester of pregnancy or over an area of known cancer.

Is there anything I need to do before my first treatment?

While there are no preparations needed for laser treatments, we do have recommendations that will help you get the best possible results from your laser therapy.

Is LLLT approved by the FDA?

Treatments of musculoskeletal conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, etc. have been cleared by the FDA for use. The laser that we use is approved as a “non-significant risk device” by the FDA.

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