Biting into a fresh tomato straight from the garden, you savor the sweetness and it brings a smile to your face. Why is it that when we bite into a tomato grown in a hot house it doesn’t bring the samVegetablese smile to our face? The answer is found in the nutrients: food is medicine. When we eat the right foods it is medicine for our bodies and is used as fuel for energy, medicine to heal and strength for our brain. When we eat the wrong foods it is like a grenade going off in our body causing fatigue, moodiness and systemic inflammation which leads to disease.

Some foods available to us in the grocery store are deficient in nutrients and are toxic. One of the best rules is to read labels. If there is an ingredient that you can’t pronounce then chances are your body does not have the ability to process it.   Pesticides, hormones, fertilizers and genetic modification has caused our food to be toxic instead of nutritious. Most cattle today are fed hormones and steroid shots, and are factory farmed. Grass fed cattle are allowed to graze and the meat is higher in vitamins and nutrients. It might surprise you to know that grass fed beef fat is rich in omega 6 and omega 3,s and are a key to brain and heart health.

Every day we are bombarded with toxins from pesticides, hormones, fertilizers, household cleaners and cell phone radiation, just to name a few. Research continues to link auto immune disease, leaky gut and hormonal imbalances to nutritional deficiencies and toxicity. These everyday toxins play a huge role in how our bodies are able to function and be healthy.

Nutritional supplements, diet, exercise and detoxification are a good beginning. Using the correct supplements is just as important as buying and eating the right foods. Functional Medicine is designed to give patients a clear picture of any possible dysfunction through examination, blood testing, heavy metal testing, hormone testing, food sensitivity testing, salvia and urine testing. Having all the facts helps our patients make the right choices with their food, diet and supplements.

“Cruz Life Center is my one stop for everything. From laser treatments, adjustments, vitamins, supplements, functional medicine testing and health coaching they have help me change my lifestyle and health. I am no longer taking any prescription medications – only vitamins and supplements that are good for me and help my body heal itself.”                         ….Joe Glenn