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Simple ways to love yourself for Valentine’s or anytime.  You are worth it.  Plus, learn a delicious recipe for chocolate sauce.   
Laser Therapy or A Massage.  It is hard to be loving when you have aches and pains.  Laser therapy heals many ailments and massage increases circulation and is importation for pysical and psychological health. 
Homemade Chocolate Sauce:  See recipe below.  By using raw chocolate you are creating a treat that is a delicious superfood. 
Give Yourself Quality Time:  Do something you have always wanted to but never made the time.  Get lessons for the hobbies you have always wanted to learn. 


Make YOU a priority:  Buy yourself quality food–local and organic when possible.  Get yourself a health coach to give you the support to be your best!   


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Valentine’s Gifts She’ll LOVE
Recipe: Chocolate Sauce
Couple’s Laser Therapy
Testimony–Low Back Pain Helped
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1 cup coconut powder (www.wildernessfamilynaturals.com) or unsweetened canned coconut milk (oriental food aisle of the grocery store) instead of water and powder.  The powdered comes out less expensive per cup and has lots of uses for baking, sauces, and as a milk substitute. 
1/4 cup raw chocolate powder
1 stick butter, melted–Don’t even think of using margarine!
20 drops of stevia, plain or flavored. 
1/4 cup honey or agave
Hot Water
Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.  Add the butter, honey, and stevia and mix until all ingredients are wet.  Add enough water for the desired consistency.  Less water for a frosting, more for a syrup.   



You and your Hunny both work hard.  After a long day’s work, you ache and so does he.  Now you can combine therapy with couple’s time!  Schedule a room together and be pampered while you each enjoy the benefits of relaxation and Laser-produced endorphins that produce a natural prozac “honeymoon feeling.” 



Soak your feet in a hot water and Olbas oil bath.  This will allow for more blood circulation and will help relax tight muscles.  Feels great and Olbas is available here at Cruz Chiropractic.   

Massage your feet with gentle pressure using a foot roller or a golf ball and your favorite lotion. 


  • Laser therapy helped my low back pain!                                  -Stacey Calloway


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