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Donna Thomas is the winner of our “Biggest Loser Contest.”  She has lost a total of 17 pounds and has also lost the need for  diabetes medication and blood pressure medication!  Her blood pressure and blood sugar has dropped back to healthy ranges.  Her skin has improved.  Now she looks and feels great!  Read on for a recipe for a tasty sweet snack. 

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Recipe: Brown Rice Krispies
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2 cups Brown Rice Krispy Cereal–more fiber–better for diabetics
1/2 Cup Almond or Peanut Butter–almond butter is higher in calcium and fiber
2/3 Cup Brown Rice Syrup–whole food sweetener and considered one of the healthiest sweeteners–also has a delicious caramel flavor
1/4 Cup Raw Cashews or Your Favorite Nut–wonderful for stress reduction
1/4 Cup Raw Chocolate–superfood which means it transports nutrients into your system faster and better.  High in magnesium–which is good for the heart and for muscle cramps.  With regular use it will increase sexual appetite.
Mix cereal and nutsk in a large bowl.  Heat nut butter and rice syrup on low until smooth and creamy.  Pour liquid ingredients over cereal/ nut mixture and combine thoroughly.  Press ingredients into a baking dish and sprinkle chocolate lightly on top, gently pressing chocolate into mixture.  Let cool 1/2 hour.  Cut into squares and enjoy.  Delicious!


“I did not realize before how bad unhealthy food makes you feel.”
 “The best part about the Fat Flush was knowing someone was helping and they had the confidence in me–even when I lacked it.” 
-Donna Thomas, winner of the “Biggest Loser” Fat Flush Contest



We hope you enjoyed meeting this year’s winner and look forward to seeing you at our next class!
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