Failed Back Surgery

When Donnie first came into our clinic after undergoing back surgery, all he could do was sit in a chair and take paindonnie medications all day long. Is this a common occurance?

A recent study conducted throughout the U.S. and the U.K. by David Armstrong and Peter Waldman evaluated the results of spinal fusion.

80 patients who had back surgery:

• 27 needed a 2nd surgery within the first year
• 40% of the patients developed complications
• A large percentage became addicted to Oxycontin, Hydrocodone & Perocet
• Some cases resulted in expenses totaling over $500,000

Complications of Spinal Fusion Include:

• Severe Infection
• Surgery Fails to Alleviate Symptoms
• Surrounding Vertebrae/Discs Develop Problems
• Metal Implants, or Hardware, Break
• Bone Grafts Are Rejected
• Excessive Scar Tissue Forms
• A Patient Has Unusual Internal Bleeding or Blood Clots
• Nerve Damage

Message From Dr. Cruz:

Donnie underwent back surgery believing that it would minimize his pain and back problems. A rod and eighteen screws later, Donnie’s life was reduced to trying to survive harsh pain. Through Chiropractic care and Laser Therapy, Donnie was able to walk, travel, and enjoy his life once more.  However, many of his post-surgery complications could have been avoided if only he had been aware of all his options.


This is a common problem and the reason many patients have to go back for 2 or more surgeries simply because the symptoms keep returning.  If you or someone you know has had this experience, I want you to know there is hope.  Over the last five years we have been using a revolutionary therapy called Low Level Laser.  Doctors have found that a very specific frequency of light will stimulate our tissue cells to function better and heal, much like the rays of the sun stimulate photosynthesis in plant cells.  The key is getting the light deep into our bodies so it can stimulate healing.  It will reduce or even eliminate inflammation, increase blood circulation and actually stimulates a rapid healing of the cells.  It is completely non invasive and safe.

Laser Therapy Gave Me My Life Back! 
Before I came into the office, I could only stand for about a minute or two, and I could only walk for very short distances.
Now, after only a short period of chiropractic care, along with 6 laser treatments, I have tremendously improved! I can stand much longer, and I can walk long distances. In addition, I don’t have to take pain medications anymore.
                                                                                        -Donnie Traynham
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