Every Stroke Matters!

parflexswingThe Masters golf tournament symbolizes the beginning of golf season so now is the perfect time to get fit with a competitive advantage. You take your game seriously, and to you, each stroke matters. You’ll do anything to improve your game – whether through better equipment, instructional DVDs, or lessons from pros.

ParFlex Plus® Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers were proven in JMPT published studies to increase the club head speed of experienced golfers by 3-5 mph, which equals 9-15 yards of increased distance! The Stabilizers improved proprioceptive balance and helped increase pelvic rotation. They also had a positive influence on stride length, components of gait, symmetry of gait movements and the reduction of fatigue. This combination can help our golfers generate more acceleration in the downswing, thus increasing club head speed creating greater ball flight.

Want a “performance edge” in your golf game? Get fitted for your custom pair of ParFlex Plus® Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers today.

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