“I started Health Coaching and with the EIS, I found the answer to a question that had bothered me for years. Why was I so tired all the time? I immediately changed my diet, began exercising and giving my body the supplements that were missing. I used to be exhausted after a 12 hour shift, now I come home from work and am ready to play…” ~Mary Argent

“I wanted to have more power over my healthcare.  The E.I.S. allowed me to partner with my doctor to have a more targeted approach, make more informed decisions, and monitor my progress of care and lifestyle changes. This saved me time and money and I could see results for myself. I recommend everyone have this scan at least twice a year.”

“After having an E.I.S. scan and following a prescribed diet and exercise program included in my Health Counseling I have lost 17 lbs. in 7 weeks. I am now just 2 lbs. short of my goal. A reflux problem that had caused hoarseness has been overcome. I no longer need diabetes or blood pressure medication. I can walk a measured mile in less than 18 minutes.” ~Don Cooper, “breaking new ground” at 81

I came to work for Dr. Cruz and Lesia in July 2010, at that time my weight was 176 pounds and I wore a size 14.  In 2 and half years I am down to 143 pounds and a size 6 pants.  I am very grateful for the knowledge that Lesia has empowered me with to keep my weight under control. Debra Jones, Marshall NC