Dr. Phil Gets Real With Chiropractic

Get Real With Chiropractic!
GET REAL with Chiropractic

American TV personality and psychologist Dr. Phil doesn’t hold punches when it comes to advising his guests on living a more balanced, principled life. So it should come as no surprise how he feels about Chiropractic.


On a recent show with personal Chiropractor and author Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, Dr. Phil touts the benefits he’s experienced from regular care. “I’ve been seeing a Chiropractor a couple times a week for the past 10 years…” And you can bet it wasn’t for a bad back. Dr. Phil knows Chiropractic care goes beyond helping aches and pains. It transforms your entire health and LIFE for the better – exactly what his show is all about.


If you’re frustrated with your current level of health, maybe it’s time to get real with a new paradigm shift. As Dr. Fab says, “we are all born with a natural ability to heal.” Chiropractic care simply brings it out. And if it’s good for Dr. Phil, it could be good for you too!




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