Clearing up the Brain Fog

Have you noticed you’re not thinking as clearly as you would like?

Are you going into a room and forgot why you went there?

Are you forgetting the names of objects you should be familiar with?

These are early warning signs of dementia, and now is the time to do something about it!

We understand, and laser therapy along with micro current cranial stimulation can help
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At Cruz Life Center, we have a novel approach to treating early signs of dementia, Dr. Cruz used these same protocols for himself when he noticed the above signs in his mid-50’s and has been successful in turning it around for himself and many others.

Dr. Miguel Cruz

Certifications in Brain Therapies from the Carrick Institute, Functional Neurology
Certifications in “Mastering Brain Chemistry” Mastering the Thyroid” And “Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry”
Graduated Cum Laud, Doctor of Chiropractic, Life university 1981
Family Practice Doctor of the Year award 1993
Past Vice President NC Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Certified Addictionologist, Cad
Past President NC Chiropractic association, Western District

Lesia Cruz

Certifications in “Mastering Brain Chemistry” Mastering the Thyroid” And “Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry”
Certified Integrative Nutritional Counselor
Certified Addictionologist, Cad
Certified Laser therapy Trainer
Certified X-ray Technologist

The healthy brain requires 3 main things to remain healthy, they are nutrition in the form of glucose, oxygen through the blood stream and stimulation through activity. Our approach looks at all 3 through a thorough evaluation and testing, both cognitive tests and lab tests. We can then put a comprehensive plan together to help you on a path to clear thinking again.

Video on how laser therapy works

Cecil Testimony

Why my brain isn’t working

Brain health


No Longer Taking Medications Thanks to Laser, Neuroscope/Alpha Stim Therapy!
I came to NC for laser therapy on my low back. While receiving laser treatment, I shared with Lesia that I was on anxiety medications as well as pain medication. She explained to me how the Neuroscope would help with the anxiety. The calming effect after just one treatment was incredible! After 2 weeks I was completely off my pain and anxiety medication. It is great to not be dealing with any more side effects of the medication I was taking. Thank you, Dr. Cruz and Lesia!

– N.C., Lakeland, FL

Memory/Mood &Laser, Neuroscope/Alpha Stim Therapy!
For the past 2 to 3 years, I have battled with memory loss. Sometimes I would go into a room and forget what I went in for, or I couldn’t find my car keys and then locate them somewhere I would have never put them. I found myself being more withdrawn and insecure. I began a series of Neuroscope treatments and immediately my memory and mood improved. I have been able to return to life unafraid and no longer insecure. I come in every three weeks for a treatment, and I no longer have memory or mood issues. I tell everyone I know about the Neuroscope therapy and how it has enabled me to return to life.

– B. B., North Carolina

Anxiety/Depression &laser, Neuroscope/Alpha Stim Therapy
“Our son started coming to Cruz Life Center for anxiety issues he has been struggling with for a few years. He also has developed an eye twitch. His first session was a laser treatment. His next treatment was a combination of laser and Neuroscope. After his second treatment, we immediately noticed his eye twitch has become less. He was noticeably more talkative and outgoing, and he had a very easy time with certain transitions that would normally be difficult for him. We have now been through four treatments. He has decided to go out for football, which he has never played before. Normally, his anxiety would prohibit him from starting something new. Not only did he start playing football, but he is also actually having a great time! Worry free! Our entire family is becoming more relaxed as a result! We are no longer dreading the start of the school year, but happy that our son can enjoy the thing in life that children should be enjoying! If someone would have told us that we would have these results, we may not have believed them. We can’t wait to see what happens next.”

– S.B., Mars Hill, NC

How do I Get Started?

Schedule an Appointment

Let’s talk to determine if we can accept your case. There is no charge for this visit if we determine you are not a good candidate. We only accept those cases we know we can help!

Comprehensive Examination

Exams are non-invasive and painless and will vary depending on your symptoms, it may include a neurological and cognitive exam, sinus/cranial exam, spinal exam, nerve scan, physical exam, nutritional assessment. Laser treatment or Neuroscope/Alpha Stim can be done on this visit so you can experience the benefits right away.

Personal Care Plan

A personalized care plan will be designed especially for you with all options and costs. With your agreement we will be ready to start your path to feeling like yourself again.

How the Neuroscope/Alpha Stim works
Neuroscope/Alpha Stim uses microcurrent which is passed through the brain with ear clips or a head band. Most people cannot feel anything more than a slight tingling. This stimulates the cells, resulting in alpha waves promoting a deep state of relaxation and theta waves that enhance healing, reduce stress, and an improved sense of wellbeing that impacts the whole nervous system allowing the natural neurotransmitters in the brain to work as they were designed.

How Laser Therapy Works
Laser therapy uses red and infrared light to penetrate deep into the tissues and stimulate a healing response at the cellular level. It has been clinically proven that specific frequencies of light reduces inflammation (swelling) which is usually the cause of most discomforts, and promotes brain health known as neuroplasticity. These are low level or cold lasers so there is no cutting or burning, these are healing lasers. The best part is that the light actually stimulates cellular HEALING of the tissues, and not just temporary relief.

Often people can tell a difference after the first treatment, most will feel a noticeable improvement within 3 treatments, more may likely be needed for complete resolution depending on severity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it painful?
No, Treatments are relaxing and painless, Patients often fall asleep during treatment. Slight warmth may be felt with the laser or tingling sensation with the Neuroscope/Alpha Stim.

How long are treatments?
60 minutes up to 120 minutes.

How long before I see improvements?
Most can see improvement in 1-3 treatments, some severe stubborn cases have taken as many as 6-12.

How much does it cost?
Laser treatments are time dependent and can cost from $67 to $147. Neuroscope/Alpha Stim treatments cost $77.00. Your first visit will have an exam fee which can be from $75 to around $300 depending on the extent of the examination and if x-rays are needed.

What if I live far away?
Many patients fly in and stay 1 week getting 2 treatments daily. Your initial consultation can be done over the phone to make sure you are a good candidate. Neuroscopes/Alpha Stim are also available for purchase.

Is Laser and Neuroscope/Alpha Stim the only treatments you have?
No, your examination will determine if any other treatments may be beneficial. Other treatments we offer include chiropractic, fascial/cranial adjustments, food allergy testing, supplement therapy, comprehensive laboratory testing, cognitive assessments and treatment, Health coaching.

Does it help Chronic conditions?
Yes, however chronic conditions usually have underlying complicating factors which we will need to uncover by looking at your nervous system, environment, foods, labs. Some of the treatments listed above may be beneficial.