Heather, Burnsville, NC
Cruz Life Center makes you feel like family.   I was in sick and a mess before I went to visit Dr. Cruz.    After the first visit I was back walking normal and felt as if I could do flips


Jennifer ForbesJennifer Forbes
I have been an active participant in chiropractic care for almost 2 years now. I am employed as a registered nurse at Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC. I endure long hours on my feet with intense work caring for critically ill patients. I began experiencing neck, shoulder and mid-back pain that was unrelieved by medical management. I must admit as a registered nurse knowing only medical modalities, I was skeptical of chiropractic care. A close friend encouraged me to give it a try. I was quickly won over after a few adjustments, since my pain had completely diminished. I was reborn again feeling less stress and more energetic. My entire family soon joined. My husband and I had 2 small children at that time. They were both conceived through years of infertility treatments. They suffered through colds and ear infections receiving antibiotics and trips to the pediatrician. Surprisingly after a few months of chiropractic care, I became spontaneously pregnant with a third child. The pregnancy went well, as I continued to work and receive care. The delivery, well it was a piece of cake since she was born in the car before we could make it to the hospital. Today my entire family continues to receive care. We are all healthier with fewer colds and no more ear infections and of course, fewer trips to the doctor. We are all pleased with our current care and intend on continuing throughout the years to come. 

Barbara Newbrand
I was having pain in my left hip and could hardly walk. Friends told me about a great Chiropractor in Burnsville, NC named Dr. Cruz. Chiropractic treatments and Health Coaching with exercises brought my life back to normal. I also had a problem with Vertigo, but 12 weeks of Chiropractic took care of all my problems. The more you learn about Chiropractic, the more you understand how it helps. I went to a Health Class that Dr. Cruz taught one evening and he spoke about the Nervous System and how it affects your every part of your body. I now know that I am living proof of how fixing these problems can make your life normal again without medications and surgery! Thank you Doctor Cruz!                                                 


Denver MaltbaDenver Maltba
I had low back pain and the pain went all the way down to my left foot. I also came to get more focused. I drag race on the weekends and I wanted to get better time performance. I had to take over-the-counter pain medication so I wasn’t in pain. I started getting adjustments and I no longer have pain in my low back. I also noticed that my time reaction on the track was perfect.
Thank you Dr. Cruz.



Kay King
“I originally came into the office due to severe pain and muscle spasms in my low back. Chiropractic was my first choice for treatment option. I started seeing results after 3 adjustments. After 3 months I have improved 100%! I am able to work and do the things I enjoy again. I am very pleased with my care and all of the staff at Cruz Life Center.”


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