When you realize that the nervous system controls every function of every organ, muscle, joint and cell in the body, you can appreciate the importance of a healthy functioning nervous system. You don’t get heartburn because your body is deficient in Tums, but you can get heartburn because the stomach is not producing the right amount of acid. If the nerve flow to the stomach is compromised, this can occur. The art and science of chiropractic as practiced in our office is defined as finding and eliminating any disruption of normal nerve flow in the body


We use the term “subluxation” to describe an area of the spine with improper nerve flow. Correcting the subluxation will often result in improvement of whatever symptoms you may be having as a result of improper nerve flow (heartburn in the example above) and also improvement in any pain which may be associated with the subluxation. Thus, chiropractic has been associated by the media as back and neck pain specialists. It is important to realize that the subluxation may not have any pain at all.

Correcting the subluxation

Being in practice since 1981 and delivering literally hundreds of thousands of corrections has positioned me as an expert in the correction of subluxation. There are many diverse ways to correct a subluxation often called a chiropractic adjustment. Having had thousands of hours of training in many options for correcting allows me to find the method that best fits each individual as opposed to a one size fits all approach used in most chiropractic offices. Corrections are usually gentle and painless.

The adjustment is stimulating the nervous system, sending messages back up to the brain and you might say “jumpstarting” the communication between the brain, the spine and whatever part of the body the nerves control so the body can begin the healing process. As a result, the spine does begin to improve movement and posture which is why many have referred to this as a spinal alignment when in truth it’s not the aligning of the spine which bring about results but the improvement of the functioning nervous system which brings healing.

Preventing re-subluxations

To prevent return of the problem, we need to look at the causes of subluxation. Subluxations are caused by stresses to our body. This can be physical – falls, injury, accidents, overuse etc. chemical – the foods we eat, air we breathe, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc. Mental/emotional – Chronic emotional stress is debilitating in many ways. We all know someone who is always stressed out and always has some sort of sickness or pain.

Preventing the return of subluxations requires digging deep to determine the cause of your subluxations and develop a strategy to cope with it. This is an essential part of a long-term solution and not just a temporary fix. This is also why we offer in our care the additions of Laser therapy, cranial stimulation, massage and health coaching for the best, long term results.