Chiropractic can dramatically change how fast someone recovers from an injury. We often see people after they have been in pain for weeks, months or even years. Sometimes they’re better, sometimes worse but never completely pain free.

The pain in the back is often more than just a muscle spasm that will go away on it’s own. Our spine is made up of vertebra that are connected with an intricate set of little joints. If they are not aligned correctly they place pressure on the nerves from our spinal chord and this can cause many symptoms.

A chiropractic exam and treatment makes sure all the little joints in the spine are freely movable and aligned properly.  So maybe you get irritable under stress, or your digestion isn’t at it’s best, you may think it has nothing to do with that chronic pain – but it does. Only when we have proper alignment and mobility  in our spine and other joints of the body do we have an efficiently working nervous system and health in body and mind and spirit.


Here is what a patient says:

Chiropractic Gave Me Back My Life!

When I came into see Dr. Cruz I couldn’t walk without pain.  I was not able to raise my left arm, not able to take care of my sick mother or do any housework.

After 7 adjustments I am able to raise my arm and praise the Lord, take care of my mother and our home.

If you are in pain Cruz Life Center is the place to be.

                                                                        ….Angela Gurley