Celebrating 30 Years of Natural Health Care Solutions

chiropractic-laser-therapyIn 1982,  Dr. Miguel Cruz opened his office over in the Banks shopping center with a primary focus on Chiropractic. After 30 years, Dr. Miguel & Lesia Cruz have continued to improve their expertise and expand their services by providing the best in natural health care solutions for physical, mental and emotional health.“With challenges comes the opportunity to learn and grow,” this is a favorite saying amongst the Cruz’s. Their children being very active in sports, injuries was part of the journey, this opened the door for a new and natural health care solution, Cold Laser.  Adding laser has allowed the Cruz’s to serve patients with sports injuries for the knee and shoulder and chronic conditions such as spinal stentonisis and arthritis. Lesia has had her own personal challenges with diabetes and found health coaching to offer the most effective solution.  Health Coaching provided clarity and support to find the right exercises, foods and supplements to change her genetic expression of diabetes. Lesia specialty is looking at how the food you eat and everyday stress affects your emotional and physical health. The community has given the next challenge with having one of the highest rate of drug problems in North Carolina. This has opened the door to learn and improve their education with addiction,.  Dr. Cruz and Lesia have just completed their training and have received their Certification in Addicitonology.  They now have the tools to help those suffering with addictions which includes: Auriculotherapy and Neurotransmitters Therapy with Torque Release Adjustments.  You will find that our team will provide you with most up to date technology and non-invasive testing, educational tools and resources to help you get the most out of your care.  To learn more stop by for a personal tour or visit our web site www.cruzlifecenter.com .

 Dr. Miguel & Lesia Cruz


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