Life has become more fun for our family!

=&0=& =&1=& =&1=& “Our son started coming to your office for anxiety issues he has been struggling with for a few years.  He also had developed an eye twitch.  His first session was a laser treatment.  His next treatment was a combination of laser and acuscope.  After his second treatment, we immediately noticed his eye twitch has become less.  He was noticeably more talkative and outgoing, and he had a very easy time with certain transitions that would normally be difficult for him.  We have now been through four treatments.  He has decided to go out for football, which he has never played before.  Normally, his anxiety would prohibit him from starting something new.  Not only did he start playing football, he is actually having a great time!  Worry free!  Our entire family is becoming more relaxed as a result!  We are no longer dreading the start of the school year, but happy that our son can enjoy the things in life that children should be enjoying!  If someone would have told us we would have these results, we may not have believed them.  We can’t wait to see what happens next.” …SB, Mars Hill, NC 

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety All my life I have dealt with ADD and social anxiety, the severity had affected my school work.  My grades were failing and my social life was nil.  My mom brought me to Cruz Life Center where we found caring people.  My treatments were painless and peaceful and my results have been great.  My ADD and social anxiety is much better, I would recommend anyone suffering from ADD or anxiety to give Cruz Life Center a try. P. M., Barnardsville, NC  
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