New Hope for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is a debilitating, progressive disease that affects 1% of people over the age of 60.

In Parkinson’s disease certain cells within the brain stem, called the substantia nigra, make less of the neuro-transmitter dopamine. This causes the jerky, slowed movements, difficulty walking and speaking and the resting tremor of the hands. Perhaps the most famous younger patient is Michael J Fox who was only 29 when he was diagnosed.

Typically Parkinson’s is treated with medication and occupational or physical therapy. There is a brand new application of Laser therapy to reach the area of the disease and stimulate more normal function. Movements can be smoother, better coordinated. Tasks of daily living, like eating can be improved with steadier movements. ---read more--->

Laser Therapy for Elbow Injuries

What Do These Athletes Have In Common?


Soft tissue injury and joint disorder rehabilitation with








Low-Intensity Laser Therapy is non-invasive, non-toxic, easily applied, highly effective, with a 95% cure rate.


Laser Therapy can be used immediately after injury, over pins, plates, & bony prominences.


Biostimulation of damaged tissue with Laser Therapy will cause tissues to heal much faster by stimulating the regeneration of tissue, and reducing inflammation and pain.  ---read more--->

New Laser Therapy Equipment at Cruz Chiropractic

We recently made two new additions to our Laser Therapy, including a

1) New Red Laser Probe, and

Red laser probe

2) Small Laser Pads that work great for around the eyes or mouth and are a better fit for children

Small Pad Red light

Both new additions are from from Meditech, creator of the Bioflex Laser Therapy System, where we have purchased all of our Laser Therapy equipment and training.

Red Laser Probe

The Red LD-R 100 Laser Probe adds another dimension particularly in the treatment of superficial conditions. In numerous scientific publications, red light has been shown to be highly effective for treatments at the more superficial levels. Research has found that it accelerates healing in many conditions including wounds, dermatological problems, epicondylitis, rotator cuff injuries, temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction, etc. Additionally, the application of the Red Laser Probe is beneficial in patients that have plateaued or when healing is slower than anticipated. ---read more--->

Skin Conditions and Laser Therapy

Month Year Cruz Chiropractic Newsletter Laser Therapy Can Help with Scarring, Acne, Shingles & Age Spots In This Issue Skin Conditions and Laser Therapy Our Patients Speak “I am 17 years old and I had sunburn scarring on my face from a severe sunburn from the previous summer. After 8 treatments the scarring was healed and my self esteem restored.” Regan, NC

“I have been a chiropractor for over 15 years, after one laser treatment my shoulder pain was 90% gone.  My range of motion has returned and my over all well being is much better. ” Dr. Yonce SC ---read more--->

Are Cortisone Shots Worth the Gamble?

Cortisone is used to treat inflammation, not to act as a pain reliever.  The reason for pain relief when an area injected with cortisone is because the inflammation is diminished.  This shot usually begins to work within a few days and the effects could last up to several weeks.  With so many doctors recommending cortisone injections, we examined the effects and risks of this treatment. 

Alternative to Back Surgery

Natural Healing by Gifford Jones
Relief from
Back Pain
Syndicated Column Published June 13, 2006

Have you ever had to crawl on your hands and knees because of severe back pain? It’s not a dignified position. But it recently happened to me. What caused this problem and how did I finally get relief?

We all love our mothers and I dearly loved mine. But unfortunately she had scoliosis of the spine and passed this genetic problem along to me. Then in my final year at The Harvard Medical School I awakened one morning with the worst headache of my life. A lumbar puncture revealed poliomyelitis. ---read more--->

Laser Therapy and Herpes Zoster (Shingles)

Low Intensity Laser Therapy has an infinite ability to heal many musculoskeletal, dermatological and soft tissue injuries. Now shingles, another stubborn medical condition can be added to the list of treatable conditions.

Herpes in its many forms has a long list of conventional solutions none of which is without side effects.

  • Analgesics for pain
  • Anti-Inflammatories
  • Antivirals
  • Antibiotics to treat secondary bacterial infections
  • Topical Ointments
  • Cortisone

None of the above actually treats the virus itself but simply modulate symptoms.

The symptoms of shingles are:

  • Patient feels extreme fatigue (may last 1 day to 2 weeks)
  • Rash consisting of red spots followed by blisters
  • Areas extremely sensitive to touch
  • Only on one side of the body and following nerves
  • In severe cases may cause blindness, facial paralysis and encephalitis

One of the worst complications is post herpetic neuralgia. The pain and tenderness continues long after the blisters have healed. Sometimes the pain is not relieved by conventional methods and can be excruciating. ---read more--->

Laser Therapy for Disc Herniation



Low back pain has obvious lifestyle and financial burdens; when it is accompanied by radiation of pain and numbness in the lower extremities, it can be truly debilitating. Lumbar disc herniations account for only 4 percent of low back pain patients but account for a high percentage of low back pain costs.

A painful disc herniation results when a tear of the annulus fibrosus allows migration of the nucleus pulposus (protrusion), resulting in nerve root irritation. Lumbar disc herniations typically occur in individuals between the ages of 30-40 years, 1-2 when the nucleus pulposus is still fluid and the annulus is weakened by strenuous activity and age. Due to this relatively young demographic, poor treatment outcomes can result in decades of suffering for these patients. ---read more--->

Laser Therapy To Relieve Pain

Dr Gifford Jones

Pain Relief
Without Drugs

Syndicated Column Published November 20, 2005

What can you do if you’ve tried every conceivable way to relieve pain? You’ve been treated by anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone, painkillers, physiotherapy, massage and finally, surgery. Yet the pain continues unabated. A technique, known as “Low Intensity Laser Therapy” (LILT ) could be the answer.

Dr. Fred Kahn is Director of the Meditech Laser and Rehabilitation Centre in Toronto, and a specialist in pain control. He believes in curing the pain by curing the cause. I’ve talked to several of his patients about how LILT eased their pain and changed their lives. ---read more--->

Laser Therapy for Osteoarthritis & Arthritis

Angela Robinson“After being disabled with Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis for the past 8 years and not finding any relief with medications or many different doctors, I finally found the solution with a combination of Laser Therapy and Chiropractic Care. Now I am able to do things that I haven’t done in years and I have stopped taking many of my medications.

-Angela Robinson


 “I had lived with pain in my foot for a long time due to arthritis. I could not even walk across the floor without the assistance of my shoes. After hearing about Laser Therapy I decided to give it a try. After only 6 treatments I am now able to walk short distances without my shoes. It gives me a sense of freedom and a lot less pain!” ---read more--->