Boost Your Immune System

Protect Yourself in this Germ-Filled Season
Foods to strengthen your immune system and prevent the flu:
-Lemons. They have lots of natural vitamin C. Drink a cup of water with lemon. Sweeten with a little honey or stevia. Try Hot lemon water.
-Red Peppers. Clear out your sinuses and enjoy the high levels of vitamin C
-Ginger–Chew or suck on it. Cleans out impurities in the body. Good for your stomach and breathing.

Enjoy the sunlight on nice days. The Vitamin D boosts your immune system and your mood, preventing Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Get plenty of sunshine, safe tanning bed exposure or supplemental vitamin D3

Eat right for your nutritional type, including avoiding sugar


Get adequate sleep

Address emotional stress

Wash your hands frequently. Clean doorknobs, phones, keyboards, and other frequently touched items.

Did you know that getting an adjustment boosts your immune system? After an adjustment, there is an immediate response to your immune system. Your white bookd cell count increases three times within the twenty minutes after an adjustment.

If you feel as though you are coming down with the flu, Take 4000-5000mg a day of Vitamin D.
Take colloidal silver or echinacea 4x a day.
Eat homemade vegetable soup
Drink 4 cups a day of Symphre Tea or Yerba Mate Tea for Colds and Flu

For Body Aches
-Use Olbas oil and rub on the muscles
-Take a hot ginger bath. Use one-half lb of grated ginger and 1 cup of Epsom Salt.

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