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October 2010

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Are you one the many people considering the flu shot as we enter into flu season?  Read on to learn about the risks of the flu shot as well as natural options that are just as effective.

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  1. Drawbacks to the Flu Shot
  2. Your Immune System Is Your Best Defense
  3. Better Choices than the Flu Shot
  4. Natural Antibiotic
  5. Raving Fans
  6. Savings
Drawbacks to the Flu Shot
The flu vaccine contains Thimerosal, a mercury preservative.  Thimerosal cannot be thrown away in a normal trashcan or be poured down a drain because it is considered a hazardous material.  However, we have it injected into our bodies through the flu shot.  Products like this vaccine that contain additives like Mercury and aluminum can cause brain damage or death. Every vaccine has an inherent risk of injury or death.

This year, the flu vaccine will be recommended for everyone from 6 months old until the time of death.

Your Immune System Is Your Best Defense
We only get sick when our immune system gets unhealthy.

We only get well when our immune systems are healthy.

We stay well if we support and do not interfere with our nervous system.

Things that weaken the immune system and allow you to get sick:

  1. Subluxations (interfere with the Spine and Nerve System which totally control the immune system)
  2. Too much sugar, a lack of nutrients and too many chemicals and drugs in diet- This leads to a high toxicity and the necessity of detoxing
  3. Stress
  4. Lack of exercise and rest
  5. *** ANTI-BIOTICS AND ALL DRUGS (These things interfere with the body’s normal function, so interfere with the immune system.)

Things that keep the immune system strong or allow you to get well:

  1. Chiropractic Adjustments (Chiropractic adjustments actually remove interference to the nerve system so that the immune system can function normally.) When you get adjusted, your white blood cell count is increased within 20 minutes.
  2. Reduce Sugar (Halloween tip- ration the amount of candy that is consumed)
  3. Rest, Exercise, and not indulging in too much Stress.
  4. Allow the body to heal itself by sneezing and coughing out germs and killing them with fever.

After an adjustment, you might have a fever.  Please DO NOT take any medication to take the fever away.  When the white blood cell count goes up, the fever is a sign that your body is sterilizing itself, fighting the infection.

Better Choices than the Flu Shot



Echinacea: One of the most widely used and tested herbs.  Used in common viral/bacteria infection.

Fresh Garlic: Shown to be more potent than penicillin for sore throat.  If eaten in food, it lowers blood pressure and enhances the immune system.

Licorice Root: Effective anti-inflammatory, anti-viral/bacterial.  Also helpful in ulcer.  Taken in extract for or herbal.

Shiitake Mushroom: increases immune response in many ways.

Vitamin D 3: the form your body will recognize and use.

Essential Plant Oils

Tea Tree Oil (Maleluca): great to use to make your own anti-bacterial soap.

Oil of Oregano: Works to kill bacteria, virus and fungus as well as an immune stimulator.  Very potent so small amounts are needed.  Should not be used for over 1 week.

Olbas Oil: Helps open nasal passages, increase air flow

Inula Graveolens: an immune stimulant with good effects on the respiratory tract.  Used by inhalation.

Lavender: widely used to boost immunity and as a preventative.

Using essential oils to prevent infections and book immunity: can be used 1 – 2 times weekly during winter months or daily when being exposed to others who are sick.

Can be used in bath or shower when skin is wet, the oil will be absorbed through the skin.  Recommended procedures are:

  • One drop of savory oil in 2 ounces of tea tree oil.  Rub it on your body while wet then rinse off after 10 seconds.  (Use Eucalyptus or Lavender as above)


Adjustments to the spine have direct effects on neurologic function, lymphatic drainage, blood flow, and muscle tension.

Recent research by Patricia Brennan, PHD, showed that adjustments have a direct effect on immune function.  Adjustments are said to release endorphins which enhanced the effect of white blood cells.

In 1987, G. Gutmann, MD, a leading researcher in the field of manipulative medicine, reported on the examination and treatment of more than 1000 infant and children using manipulation (adjustments) of the vertebrae.  His findings reveal that many common ear, nose, throat and bronchial disorders respond more favorably to adjustments than to medication.  He stated, “if the indications are correctly observed, chiropractic can often bring about amazingly successful results.”

German physician, K. Lewit, writing in a textbook of manual medicine, reported that 92% of youthful patients with chronic tonsillitis had blockage or misalignment of the first cervical vertebrae and the base of the skull.  According to Dr. Lewit, “After removal of the blockage by adjustment of the vertebrae, recurrence is absent.”

Recent studies compared the effects of spinal adjustment and antibiotics against ear infections in children.  The children receiving only adjustments got a higher percentage of relief and less recurrence of the infection.


Massage has been reported to also enhance immunity.  It directly affects blood and lymphatic circulation which can definitely improve immune function.  Many clients of massage therapists have reported that they get over flu, colds, and other disorders more quickly when massage is incorporated into their care plan.  Laser with a lymphatic massage increases endorphins.  3 to 5 laser treatments (with lymphatic massages) aid the immune system in getting rid of infection.

The Logical Step

With the growing fear of misuse of antibiotics and the evidence presented here, you should see that there are better ways of managing common infections.  It seems logical that an immune building approach would better serve our health needs.  This approach would involve the use of natural substances as preventatives or in early stages of illness.  If it is unsuccessful, antibiotics can be brought in to assist in the healing process.  Antibiotics alone are never the answer because they do nothing to promote immunity or healing of injured tissue.

Natural Antibiotic
NutraSilver is a natural antibiotic that can be used at home instead of using a prescription.  It is used as an antibiotic.  You would use 20 drops 4 times per day for 1 week.  Sunshine Williams is using NutraSilver to sterilize her water while she and her family are in Belize.  In FDA-certified laboratory tests, NutraSilver demonstrated remarkable “kill rates” for various fungal infections: 1) Aspergillus niger: 100 million cells were killed in 24 hours at the rate of 99.91% with one drop of NutraSilver; 2) Trichophyton mentagrophytes: 170 million cells were killed in 24 hours at the rate of 99.99% with one drop of NutraSilver.
Raving Fans

Laser For Healing After Arm Surgery

On June 17th 2010, I was working on my truck at a friend’s house in PA. As I reached up to pull myself out from under it, I heard a pop in my right shoulder.  When I looked down at my arm I saw that my bicep was balled up at my elbow.  A trip to the emergency room confirmed the obvious, I had detached the right biceps at the shoulder.

Upon returning to NC, I saw Dr. Cruz to determine a treatment course for healing the arm after the required surgery.   On July 6th 2010, I had surgery to reattach the long head of my biceps.   On July 12th 2010, after the bandages from the surgery were removed, I received my first laser treatment.   My pain at the surgery site was reduced 75%.  On July 14th 2010, I received my second laser treatment and all pain from the surgery was gone.

As a Reiki Master Teacher I was able to perform treatments on my self to aid the treatments I received at Cruz Chiropractic.  I also applied coconut oil to the incisions to keep the skin soft and to help decrease the external scaring and the chance of infection.

Having already had health coaching with Lesia, I lost 25 lbs., we were able to adjust my supplements to better deal with the stress and healing my body would be under going. I began taking Vitalzyme and other supplements to help with the healing of the scar tissue.  All through the treatment process Lesia and Dr. Cruz were consulted to optimize the healing and recovery process.  After Dr. Cruz determined that the tendon had sufficiently healed he began direct treatment of the injured shoulder. I had been receiving adjustments through out my recovery at the level Dr. Cruz felt appropriate for my degree of healing at that time.

My healing has been more rapid and complete than the surgeon anticipated, X-rays taken by Lesia showed the anchor hole drilled in my humorous was 50% filled in within 4 weeks of starting the laser treatments. I have exceeded his expectations at all phases of my healing and recovery.

— Charlie Gager, Reiki Master Teacher

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