Auriculotherapy Has Improved My Life

Of all the physical therapy, pharmaceuticals and counseling I’ve been through in my 40+ years… CRUZ LIFE CENTER, is as good as it gets! I thank God every day for them because through auriculotherapy and cold laser therapy, they saved my life! Through auriculotherapy I’ve been able to come off of antidepressants that had the withdrawal effects of METH; stop feeding my depression with food addiction; sleep better at night; feel happy during the day; stop smoking; and handle my PTSD panic attacks easier and without prescription drugs. Auriculotherapy has changed my life for the better. -Toni, Burnsville, NC

Life Changing Experience

My Experience with Cruz Life Center has been life altering in very positive way. Dr Cruz and his caring and capable staff have given me the ability within one month of being able to walk correctly and stay mobile and out of a wheelchair. Thank you so much. -Matthew, Spruce Pine, NC

Auriculotherapy Has Helped My Depression

Auriculotherapy has helped control my anxiety, mood swings, and depression.  I no longer use food for comfort, my cravings have diminished, and I have more energy.  I am happier and loosing weight.  Coming to Cruz Life Center has truly been a life changing experience!  Many thanks to Lesia, Debra, and all the staff.
-Jennifer Bennett, Burnsville, NC

Auriculotherapy and Balance

As a Reiki Master I have found auriculotherapy to be an excellent method of balancing my energy and physical well being.  Charlie Gager, Mars Hill, NC

Cruz Life Center Helps me Maintain my Health

I have always been a great supporter of chiropractic, and again it has proved to be an innovative means of healing.  I received a complimentary Auriculotherapy treatment for bladder urgency.  I feel after one treatment I can tell a difference.  I will continue to rely on the Cruz Life Center team for a new procedures and health maintenance.  Thanks for bringing all you know and do for your patients. -Dorothy Wood, Burnsville, NC

Auriculotherapy Has Helped My Son

My Son has excelled in school due to the Auriculotherapy and Neurotransmittter Therapy.  His attitude has improved tremendously. -Mila Lemaster, Burnsville, NC

Food Cravings Changed To Exercise Program

The success that I experienced was reduced cravings for chocolate and more energy for exercising.  I was up the next morning at 5 AM exercising.   CM, Newland, NC

Auriculotherapy Helped with My Anxiety

 I was having frequent anxiety attacks, I began taking medication for the anxiety.  The medication didn’t relieve my anxiety, in fact in only made it worse.  After 5 treatments my anxiety was gone and I was able to stop taking the medications.  I now am able to deal with my stress and live life to the fullest.                          L. Ramsey, Burnsville

Auriculotherapy Helped Me Walk Better

The Auriculotherapy had helped me to walk better. I was even able to mow my yard for a couple of hours last week.  My level of pain has decreased and my mobility has increased.     Kathleen Haney, Burnsville, NC

Anxiety and Depression

I have suffered from severe anxiety and depression since my second child was born.  Anxiety and depression affects every part of one’s life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Auriculotherapy with the addition of nutritional guidance is allowing me to wean myself off my current medication.  With the assistance from Cruz Life Center, I am choosing to regain control of my life. I feel happy and more positive.  I want to live life again.     Jennifer Forbes, RN-MSN

Auriculotherapy Helped My Pain

After my second treatment of auriculotherapy I notice a difference in my pain level.  Before I was not able to move my thumbs without intense pain, now I am able to move my thumbs and the pain is minimum.      Barbara Brummitt, Spruce Pine, NC

Energy and Auriculotherapy

I was so tired and anxious all the time, medications offered no relief.  After just one auriculotherapy session my energy returned and I was a lot less anxious.                    Kim Smith, Burnsville, NC